This Video Shows Exactly How Trump’s Comments About Mexicans Affect People Every Day

A California man and his mother were attacked by a woman for being "Mexicans," and the video of it went viral. Esteban Guzman, the Latino man in the video, stood up for his mom in the clip as a woman called them "rapists," "animals," and "drug dealers" — the same language used by President Trump.

The Twitter video has been retweeted almost 50,000 times and the video is just shy of 5 million views.

At the beginning of the video he asks her point blank, "Why do you hate us?" She responded, "Because you're Mexicans." Guzman tried to say that they were honest people but the woman, who has not been identified, wouldn't have it. She said Mexicans were "rapists," and then continues to call them "animals" and "drug dealers," too. At other moments she pointed at him and called him "boy."

The language is similar to what the president has said many times, and the woman even mentions the president in the video. "Even the president of the United States says you're a rapist," the woman tells Guzman.

The rhetoric started as soon as Trump began running for office. "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best," Trump said in 2015. "They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

Guzman, who is a U.S. citizen and college graduate, went on CNN to speak about the attack. Guzman works as a systems administrator but does yard work on the side while his mom cleans the inside of homes. His mom came out

He told Don Lemon that the woman told his mom, "Go back to Mexico," and, "You're all illegal." Guzman said the yelling was so loud that he heard it from the other side of the property with a blower on. Guzman then asked her about the comment.

"I said 'Hey, what's your problem?'" Guzman told Lemon. "And she says, 'You're all illegal. Go back to Mexico.' And I say, 'I am a United States citizen. What are you talking about?'"

Guzman told CNN that he was born and raised in the Lake Arrowhead area of Southern California — not that it should matter. He said that racism seems to be more out in the open than before. "I feel like people are a little more entitled to say, 'Hey ... go back to Mexico,'" he told Lemon. "And I'm like, why? I live here. I have a mortgage here."

"When I stood up for my mother, I stood up for everybody that is scared to speak up," he said. "I stood up for the little people. For the people that don't have a voice in this country."

That echoes the sentiment he shared from his personal social media. Guzman wrote:

Thank you for voting for Trump because thanks to him everywhere I go I am a rapist, an animal, and drug dealer. You don't know what it feels like to be hated so much. I can take all the racial slurs they can throw at me. However, when they start yelling at my mother, that's another story. We are honest, hardworking, and respectful people. PLEASE WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER TO STOP RACISM!

"I'm not that person that, you know, that the President of the United States says I am," Guzman told Lemon that he told the woman. "People look at me and they see what he said on TV and that's not true. That's not true for any of us."

Even if the woman didn't get the message, millions of Americans have.