This Workout Top Supposedly Won't Smell Even If You Don't Wash It For A Full Month

Athleisure is designed to take the wearer from the gym to brunch, but this new line is taking that literally. Ably Apparel is changing the athleisure game with a line of activewear that can be worn for days on end without being washed. You can wear it while working out and not be forced to change into something else afterwards to get a bite to eat. Then, you can wear it the next day. And the next.

The concept, on paper and in theory, legit sounds gross. How can you possibly wear a shirt to a spin class and then not change into something fresh and clean for whatever you have to do afterwards? It feels just wrong. Gym threads are engineered to withstand bodily fluids and multiple washings in order to get the most out of them. So upon first introduction, this concept is baffling.

But here's how Ably, which offers jackets, hoodies, tees and sweatpants does it. It is all in the super special fabric. The fabric innovation is called "Filium," which is breathable and activates natural fabrics, like cotton. Filium also outperforms synthetic materials, according to the press materials received by Bustle.

The video shows the drops of liquid having absolutely no effect on the fabric. It's fascinating viewing and will leave you wondering if it's all an optical illusion. (It's not!)

But the idea of wearing dirty clothes for days at a time, regardless of the engineering, still causes a mental block for most. So let's break it down further.

The Filium is enhanced with "peformance features" that make the clothes "lifeproof." The fabric repels odors, stains, and liquids. Food, dirt, and even dark-colored liquids will either roll right off the fabric or can be rinsed away with water. As for stinky sweat? It isn't absorbed. It just ... evaporates. So, there is no smell, according to the brand.

You can wear an Ably clothing item for a full month with no crusty, lingering odors.

Ably's technology is not only groundbreaking and head-scratching. It's also eco-friendly. The brand does not use nano-particles or harmful chemicals in their production, which can impact the surrounding environment and your skin. Additionally, since you don't have to wash Ably apparel items after each wear, you waste less water and packaging caring for your items.

Synthetic materials can take a lifetime and then some to break down, so rocking Ably attire certainly reduces the negative enviro footprint you could leave behind on the earth. Perhaps that piece of information will help eliminate some of the "gross factor."

Now that we've established Ably's fabric functionality, what about the brand's fashionability? The stain-resistant clothes are soft and cut to be modern and stylish. It's a cornucopia of athleisure basics. There are plenty of choices, from V-neck tees, drop necks, pocket-less tees, zip ups, three-quarter-length sleeve tops, button ups, shorts, and joggers. They come in an array of colors, and run up to size 3XL for impressive size inclusivity.

Courtesy of Ably

Vanessa Deep V-Neck, $48, Ably Apparel

Ably is certainly not edgy or fashion-y like Beyonce's Ivy Park, but it gets the job done. Many of the pieces can be paired with items already in your closet to give your workout attire a little flare.

And Ably isn't only for the gym. If you are about to embark on a rugged trip, such as casually backpacking across Europe, you might want to consider shopping Ably pieces. Since they are designed to be worn for days without washing or changing, they will suit travel that is a little unpredictable. But there's no shame in packing a TSA-friendly bottle of Febreze for extra caution.