Actually Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Adults

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Despite what the chilly temperatures suggest, Easter is just around the corner. And if you think the age-old egg hunt is just for kids, you have been seriously missing out. There are plenty of ways to make the whole egg hunt concept fun for adults, too. It just involves a little bit of creativity, and/or booze. I mean, there's no reason why kids get to have a blast on Easter but adults just have to sit back, supervise and reminisce about a time when they too were included in the festivities. No way! There is adult fun to be had. Just because you're not a kid anymore, doesn't mean you can't enjoy Easter in your own way.

Think about it: now that you're an adult, you're faster, your problem-solving skills are stronger, your attention span is longer, and your competitive nature is more intense. All of these things mean that basically you have the ability to be a boss master at an egg hunt. So why not raise the stakes? Adultify Easter and have more fun than any of the kids.

Here are a few ways to change-up your Easter game and start some much needed updated traditions for the adults:

Mind Hunt

No eggs required. Think of a few trivia geography questions that will help the hunters figure out where you theoretically have hidden the egg. For example, "This egg is hidden where the president plays golf." The winning hunter would have guessed "The Mar-a-Lago".

Jell-O Shot Egg Hunt

Yup, that's a thing. You can make Jell-O shots in the shape of Easter eggs and hide them for a much more fun partyz.

Cash Hunt

Here's a way to instantly increase the competition level: make all participants put in $5. Whoever gets the most eggs gets to keep everyone's entry fee.

Egg Decorating Competition

If you're into crafts, the best part about the egg hunt isn't the hunt at all, it's decorating the eggs. Don't bother hiding them, have a competition where each participant's work is judged by a panel. Whoever's egg scores the highest wins. Prizes might include: candy, booze, spring beauty products or an awesome face mask.

Forget The Basket

Instead of having the participants collect their eggs in a basket, spring it on them last minute that they have to hold their eggs using their clothes, hands, pockets or whatever they have on them. If they drop an egg, they're disqualified.

The Biggest Loser

Inside one egg, hide something silly like a stick-on mustache. Whoever gets that egg has to wear it all day. Make them wish they didn't find it.

Prank Hunt

Hide only one Easter egg. Make the participants believe that you've hidden at least a dozen. Watch them run around looking for nothing and enjoy a long, evil laugh.

Blind Hunt

For this game, you might want to hide the eggs inside, to keep everyone safe. Each player must wear a blindfold. The first person to find an egg, wins — otherwise this would take months!

Scavenger Hunt

Instead of hiding eggs, hide all sorts of things and give your hunters a list of what they can expect to find. Use riddles if you want to make it really mysterious. Consider: candy, movie tickets, gift cards, nail polishes.


Inside of each egg, leave a little piece of paper with one part of a mystery. Once the hunters collect all the eggs, they can put the clues together and solve the mystery.


On one egg, write "IT." Whoever gets that egg, is "it"! And... let the chase begin.