Let Adam Levine Crack You Up In This Exclusive 'The Voice' Clip

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've watched enough of The Voice, you've probably noticed there's a pretty specific pattern to the way they announce contestants, and you wouldn't be alone. One of the coaches has also picked up on the tone of these introductions, and he's put his own hilarious spin on them. Somehow, Adam Levine spoofing The Voice's contestant intros is even more charming than it sounds, and it sounds pretty damn charming. Knowing what we want even before we do, NBC provided Bustle with this exclusive video that's just a full minute of the Maroon 5 frontman spinning off these intros and cracking up his fellow coaches in the process.

Carson Daly introduces the show like normal to give you an idea of the format that Levine is riffing off, and then he starts giving his own examples — like "the heart surgeon with the heart of gold."

"You're good at it!" an impressed Gwen Stefani notes, and then we're off. We're introduced to everyone from "a bookkeeper from Jerusalem" to "a serial killer with indie rock dreams," while Levine somehow keeps a straight face and a steady voice throughout. Fellow coach Blake Shelton isn't quite so lucky, and his reactions are honestly what make the video. Levine is funny on his own, but watching Shelton lose it a few seats down takes this clip up several notches on the Charming Scale.

Watch it for yourself, and just try not to break your face grinning.

It makes it seem so fun to sit around The Voice set during off-time, making good-natured jokes about the very show you're on. All four coaches — Levine, Stefani, Shelton, and Alicia Keys — seem like the coolest, so seeing them all laughing and joking together like this has my FOMO on high. The combination of Levine being a total goofball and knowing that the coaches get along just as well offscreen as they do on-screen makes The Voice that much more fun to watch every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

It's like a delicious ice cream sundae already, and Levine spitballing ridiculous new intros is the hilarious cherry on top.