8 Autumnal Beauty Products To Help You Navigate The Changing Seasons Like A Pro

by Lollie King
Leandro Crespi

Summer is now but a distant memory and spooky season is in full flow. The temperature has dropped significantly and it's definitely not safe to step outside without a coat and/or several layers. The drop in temperature means that not only does our wardrobe change for the new season, so does our beauty regime. So here are my Autumnal beauty picks for a little refresh.

Things are getting much colder as we prepare for winter, so it's important to add a surge of moisture into your beauty regime, to keep the skin protected against the cold and harsh winds. But this doesn't always mean that we need to cake on the products in a bid to stop the effects of the elements. Facialist and Skincare Expert Gigi Shaker explains, "If we are constantly making it rain from above with heavy moisturiser, we are communicating to the cells below, in the dermis, that we don’t need it to produce hydration for the skin, so the cells slow down and we become moisture dependent." So add more moisture as and when your skin needs it.

Changes in temperature also mean that we need products to soothe the skin after exposure to the elements and the easiest way to do this is by incorporating a serum and hydrating mask into your regime. As for makeup, the new season means we can welcome in dark lipsticks and bolder makeup, so let's give Autumn a warm welcome.