If You Suck At Liner, You Need To Try This Adhesive Eyeliner Hack

Liquid eyeliner is the bane of many peoples' existence. From shaky hands to uneven wings, there's a lot that can go wrong when you start drawing that little line right by your lashes. How do you fix it? Well, adhesive eyeliner may be the trick. This product is the perfect makeup hack for beauty lovers who just can't seem to conquer liner — which is honestly a lot of us.

From memes on Instagram to your own personal experiences, there's little doubt that people hate attempting to apply liquid eyeliner. Not only are there new ways to try — like gel liners in pen form a la Benefit's They're Real — but there are even stencils available to get your perfect wing. Even beauty vloggers have entire videos dedicated to teaching their subscribers how to apply the perfect liners. Now, though, there seems to be a product that is the answer to all your liner prayers.

In a video posted to the Huda Beauty Instagram page, makeup artist, Huda Beauty founder, and viral sensation Huda Kattan introduces the latest in liner methods. In the video, Kattan can be seen applying an adhesive liner. Yes, that's right. It's basically a sticker for your eyeliner, and it's practically perfect.

Now, Kattan is obviously an expert at any sort of makeup. Her makeup tutorials and looks are some of the most flawless on the internet. But hey, she even needs some help sometimes. The application does seem to be quite a bit faster than typical liner, and it's quite perfect. Plus, after applying the adhesive eyeliner, Kattan then goes in to apply lashes which means you can layer the products. Talk about ideal, right? You also can't even tell that the liner is not liquid, and it's totally matte.

Bijoux de Pele Winehouse 2, $29, Bijoux de Pele

If you love the idea of a stick-on liner, you should know the hack is a bit pricy. Once converted to US dollars from the Indian rupee, a single of the liner retails for about $29. The good news, though, is that the brand does offer worldwide shipping, so if you do decide that you're tired of being covered in black eyeliner, you can definitely try this new beauty hack.

Kattan is certainly no stranger to beauty hacks. Not only does she commonly repost hacks from other makeup artists on Instagram, but she's known to try things out herself. From funny gags to useful tricks, Kattan certainly knows how to give beauty lovers inside information about cosmetics.

Kattan's blog is actually a haven for hacks, tips, and tricks. Only recently Kattan and her team counted down the best blotting papers and gave fans a DIY blotting paper hack to create their own.

That's not the only tip she offers, though. Kattan has stunning brows, and she showed fans on the blog exactly how she achieves them, and it includes one strange tool. To get her perfect symmetry, Kattan uses a ruler, but not just any ruler. She uses one from her collaboration with Tweezerman, and clearly the result is a perfectly groomed look.

Then, of course, there's her DIY blackhead removing hack where she crafts the perfect way to get rid of that pesky little skin issues that everyone hates.

Regardless of if you love a good Instagram beauty hack or not, adhesive eyeliner is certainly something tons of people can get behind. After all, doesn't everyone love a great winged liner?