Consider This My Official Resignation From Stanning Tom Sandoval On 'Pump Rules'

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can usually rely on Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, collectively known as The Toms, to be the more calm and rational forces among the Vanderpump Rules cast members — which is not saying a lot, but is nonetheless appreciated for those of us spending each Tuesday screaming at grown adults on our televisions. After the show's Jan. 28 episode, however, we regret to inform you that we, as one united nation, can no longer stan Sandoval. At least for this week. He's still hung up about his ridiculously petty fight with Stassi Schroeder, and when the Dark Passenger is in the right, you know you've done something very wrong.

During last week's episode, Sandoval sent Stassi an unnecessary rage text in the wee hours of the morning about a book signing she was holding at TomTom, the restaurant he (barely) co-owns with Schwartz and Lisa Vanderpump. This bit is especially important, because Sandoval got very offended that Stassi only cleared the event through Lisa and Schwartz, for reasons so minuscule they seem clear to Sandoval and Sandoval alone.

When he was told by TomTom's manager, Max Boyens, that they were understaffed for the event (a problem fixed quickly by Schwartz, mind you), Sandoval — for lack of a better term — absolutely lost his sh*t on Stassi and threatened to kick her out of TomTom. This resulted in Stassi reading Sandoval to filth in his own restaurant in front of the paying customers she had brought in — which, sure, wasn't the best way to handle it, but was in keeping with Stassi's brand.

In most cases, the usually quite reasonable Sandoval would simply say sorry for how he handled the situation. But instead, when they landed in Miami for Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's bachelor/ette party, he gave Stassi a very half-hearted non-apology, while expecting one from her in return for yelling at him. He even admitted it wasn't that sincere in his confessionals! Come on, Sandoval! We were all rooting for you!

We'll have to wait until next week to see if Sandoval redeems himself as the dopey, peace-keeping angel we know him to be, but for now, consider this a resignation from the fandom.