Here's How Hannah B. Is Handling Life After 'The Bachelor'

Rick Rowell/ABC

Hannah B. was involved in a large amount of drama in the first few weeks of The Bachelor. But now that she and Caelynn seem to have put their differences aside, Hannah can go back to being a regular contestant vying for Colton's heart. Remember, though, all the events fans are seeing play out on their screens happened months ago. So what is Hannah B. up to after The Bachelor?

According to INSIDER, seasons of The Bachelor usually film from late September to late November. That gives contestants about two months to fall in love, which is even shorter when you consider that not every contestant gets a date every time. But so far Hannah seems to have made an impression on Colton that has him interested in keeping her around for longer. They even survived the Caelynn drama without Colton sending Hannah packing. But she did eventually leave the show with or without that final rose. And her Instagram reveals what she's been doing these past few months.

To start, she's been modeling, modeling, modeling. Like most Bachelor contestants, she's living that Insta influencer life with modeling shots taken on a balcony, in a field, in the wine aisle of a grocery store, and holding a bunch of roses (of course).

Aside from that, here's what Hannah's been up to as of late.

Spending Christmas With Her Fam

Hannah, her brother, and their pooches spent the holiday together. And they're rocking the Christmas jammies.

Reflecting On 2018

In the world's longest caption, Hannah looked back at her wild 2018 that included going on a TV show to find love. She described the year as a ride that both thrilled and terrified her but one that ultimately showed her who she was and how to be real and honest with herself.

Promoting The Show

As up and down as The Bachelor has been for Hannah thus far, she seemed to like it enough to ask everyone to watch it. That's a positive sign for her future on the series.

Revealing Her Inner Date Thoughts

Hannah's first one-on-one date got off to a rocky start, and you could practically feel her nervousness through the screen. She took to Instagram to share her journal about that date, and it offers a peek into what she was thinking while out with Colton.

"I woke up truly with a goofy smile on my face. I’m getting out of this zoo of a house to go on a date with Colton. By myself. All day. Ahh, but also pressure — hello, I’ve been here two days?!! I’m freaking so uncomfortable about what the heck I’m doing and I’m supposed to make him googly-eyed over me. Help me dear Jesus."

Laughing At Memes Of Herself

If you have a sense of humor about your time on the show, it helps make it less wild that the whole world is watching you. Hannah's reaction to this meme shows she can poke fun at herself.

Chilling With Her Dog Roscoe

Puppy selfies are the best kind.

Hanging With Her Friends Post-Show

All's well that ends well on The Bachelor. Drama aside, Hannah made some lifelong friends on the show (including Demi).

So, yeah, Hannah's 2018 was pretty wild. But her 2019 is off to a great start too.