AHCA Failing Memes To Celebrate This Momentous Occasion

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As Robert Costa of the Washington Post reported, President Trump pulled the American Health Care Act bill from the House floor this afternoon. Last night, Trump had demanded that the bill — which has caused significant controversy in both parties, with critics claiming both that it cut too many essential health services offered by the Affordable Care Act and that it didn't cut enough — be put to a vote today, after Republican leaders postponed their vote on the bill on Thursday. As recently as last night, Trump had declared that if the bill did not pass today, GOP leaders would be "stuck with Obamacare," though it is not yet known if that is true.

We don't really know anything about the future of health care under Trump right now, in fact — except that, if you're an ACA supporter, or just someone who didn't think the AHCA would work, you're probably feeling pretty good right now. So why not go with it? Good feelings can be hard to come by in Trump's America, so let's take what we can get, eh? Plus, the week's almost over, you're about to clock out — so let's take you into the weekend with some sweet, sweet ACHA fail memes.