Disney Is Selling Push-Pops Full Of Bippity Boppity BOOZE

If you also spent most of the '90s in pursuit of push pops, both in ice cream and candied form, then I have some delicious news for you: you can get booze-y push pops at Disney now. The newest offering, available at the Paddlefish Restaurant in Disney Springs — the shopping, dining, and entertainment district just outside of Disney World in Orlando — comes courtesy of Buzzpop Cocktails, who are responsible for the eight delicious flavors, all of which made with real fruit and infused with rum. Essentially, some fairy godmother has all of our backs, because it looks like a LOT of dreams just came true.

Disney Springs made the announcement on its Instagram page on Sept. 26, which has, unsurprisingly, prompted a slew of likes and comments from eager grownup Disney fans. Some sleuthing on the Instagram page for Paddlefish Restaurant seems to indicate that the eight flavors mentioned in the Disney Springs post will include Pink Paradise Sorbet, Southern Belle Sorbet, Watermelon Patch Sorbet, Mango Passion Fruit Sorbet, Moscow Mule Sorbet, Caribbean Breeze Sorbet, Lemon Drop Martini Sorbet, and a purple flavor that my eyes are not quite bionic enough to read — but here's the Instagram below, if you think you're up to the task.

Be still my dweeby, Disney-loving heart!

If the words "Buzz Pop Cocktails" sound familiar, it's because these magical, ice-y push-pops have made their rounds on this here internet before; they went viral earlier this summer, after people started spotting them in restaurants and events around the country. They don't sell in traditional retail stores (yet??), but if you can't get yourself all the way to Disney Springs before the the last of the summer breezes blow, you can check the Buzz Pop Cocktail's website locator to see if you have other options. And if you're super duper yearning for that bippity boppity booze, you can order them online in select areas, too.

This is, of course, far from the only noteworthy alcoholic offering at Disney Springs, which is home to a whopping 60 dining options that are churning out new menu innovations by the day. Take, for instance, these deliciously spooky drinks from Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar, which include a Forbidden Apple cocktail, a Autumn Smash cocktail, and a Poison-less Apple mocktail.

Still in the spirit for some ~spirits~? Frontera Cocina, a gourmet Mexican restaurant, has a Yucatán menu that also features delicious new cocktails, including this pretty purple one made with dragonfruit and ginger called La Peninsula.

Of course, there is only a limited amount of drinks a person can sample on a given day of vacation (all the more reason to just move into Disney Springs, amirite?), so you have plenty of dessert options to polish it off with at the end of the night. Might I suggest this hulking milkshake at Vivoli Gelateria, dubbed the Honey Pot Shake?

Winnie the Pooh is SHAKING.

However you decide to eat/drink/frolic through Disney Springs, you can't really go wrong — check the Disney Springs website for inspiration (or just a chance to drool), and don't forget to Insta your finds for the rest of us!