How Alex B. From 'The Bachelor' Saved Almost 5000 Dogs

Rick Rowell/ABC

There are a whopping 30 women vying for Colton's heart on The Bachelor, and he's just not going to have chemistry with every one of them. But for Bachelor contestant Alex B., it helps that she already has something in common with ABC's leading man. In case you're only just now learning this, Colton loves dogs, and so does Alex. In fact, she started a dog rescue, she loves them so much.

The 29-year-old Canadian helped found CAARE Rescue in Vancouver, which stands for Companion Animal Advocacy and Rescue Effort. According to its website, CAARE was founded in 2014, and focuses on finding homes for dogs who would be otherwise euthanized in shelters. The company has since expanded to an office in Winnipeg as well.

Alex clearly loves what she does and takes her Adopt Don't Shop mentality seriously, because she has her own furry rescue pup at home. If she ends up with Colton, her dog will be in good company with Colton's own two pooches Thor and Sniper. (Colton loves his own dogs so much, he set up Instagram accounts for them and everything.) His pup Thor was even a rescue from a dog meat farm in Korea. Suffice to say, he and Alex will definitely have a lot in common.

Alex isn't the only one who could use her love of dogs to bond with Colton, though. Press pictures show that Catherine actually brought her pup to meet Colton out of the limo.

Rick Rowell/ABC

At least what Alex has going for her is that her love of pups isn't a stunt drafted specifically for a TV show.

For one, this throwback photo proves that she's been a dog lover all her life.

She's also been in the dog rescue business for years and even worked to create a puppy safety vest that protects pets from attacks by wild animals or other dogs. It's called the K9 Guard and it was launched in 2014. And her ABC bio says that she's saved "almost 5000 dogs from slaughter" in her time in the rescue business.

She also had her own adorable rescue pup, whom she travels the world with.

But even with all her doggie do-gooder personality, Alex seemingly doesn't use that to impress Colton off the bat. Her press pics show that she gets out of the limo with a Love Actually-style set of poster boards. This one informs Colton that she was sick that night.

Rick Rowell/ABC

I guess we can probably rule her out as a first kiss recipient, huh?

But once Alex gets her voice back and can stop letting the cards do the talking for her, Colton is sure to see that she's a kindred spirit in the puppy love department. But, should the two of them fall for each other, what would happen when it came to moving?

Colton is based out of Colorado at the moment, but Alex and her business are in Canada. Colton can't expect her to just give that up, so would he be willing to move for her if she's not for him? Plus, even if one of them wanted to move, things can get a little tricky when you consider that the new couple has to deal with immigration law and all that.

Still, if they're meant to be, they'll find a way to make it work. And they'd have the cutest dog fam in the land.