Alex & Niall's 'Love Island' Bromance Is The Relationship We All Want & Deserve


There's no doubt the Love Island villa is a pretty daunting place to wind up, from Niall Aslam's encyclopaedic Harry Potter knowledge and junior doctor Alex George's secret overnight mouthguard. So, it's a pretty good thing they have each other to guide them through the experience, right? Correct, which is why Alex and Niall's Love Island bromance has Twitter so excited.

Love Island Series 4 aired its second episode on Tuesday evening and proved tough viewing for burgeoning Niall and Alex stans as the pair struggled with the nature of the game at hand. For Niall, it was having his love interest Kendall Rae-Knight stolen by late arrival and Geordie adonis Adam Collard, leaving him well and truly "muggled off." Alex, meanwhile, struggled to capture the attention or admiration of any of the current girls in the villa, leading him to announce his possible intention to leave the series pretty early in.

However, despite their lack of success with the female Islanders, it seems Alex and Niall are quite taken with — well — each other, and have proved early favourites in the bromance stakes. Indeed, following in the footsteps of last year's winner Kem Cetinay and his sidekick Chris Hughes, the pair seemed to have won viewers over with their blossoming friendship.

And — oh, yes — Twitter folk are here for it.

Despite fan interest in their bromance, it seems Alex George may not stick around long enough for the bromance in question to play out in full. Indeed, throughout Monday and Tuesday night's shows, the A&E doctor faced a series of rejections and failed to impress any of the female Islanders enough to make them want to pair up with him, eventually being placed with Samira, who has been busy making it pretty clear she wasn't interested. Indeed, it seems Alex has got the memo.

"Honestly, I feel quite frustrated because I'm making quite a lot of effort with her," he said. "I'm trying to chat to her and I'm trying just to be normal but she kind of, basically, it's quite dismissive."

Samira's rejection, plus an even trickier time with the ladies during the first official Love Island 2018 challenge, had Alex ready to pack the competition in all together. "I've kind of had enough," he confided in his fellow male Islanders. "I feel like a leper or something, that's what I feel like. Genuinely, I just feel like, 'what is wrong with me?' It's like I've got a black mark on my head. I hate being like this as well. I've pretty much had enough now, I think. I'm at that point. I've had enough."

Aww. Hopefully the bromance with Niall will help him change his mind. Plus, with the vote at the end of the night's show, it looks like Twitter has plans for the pair of them.

Harry Potter stanning aside, Niall is a 23-year-old construction worker/student from Coventry looking for an "open and upfront" relationship. He may have found that in Alex, although the jury is still out on whether he has that with Kendall. Especially since she is now coupled up with Adam. “The best way to my heart is being open and upfront," Niall told Radio Times. "And just being happy and bubbly. [My biggest turn off is] someone who takes themselves seriously and can’t have a laugh. Girls these days think you’re trying to chat them up even when you’re not. You might just ask the time and they’ll say ‘Sorry I’m not interested.'”

Alex, on the other hand, has made it pretty clear his interest in the series was primarily to become a "new TV doctor", as opposed to finding love. “I think there’s probably room for a new TV doctor," he said when entering the villa. Thus, maybe the female contestants are just seeing through him? Either way, it appears he has Niall well and truly convinced.

Love Island airs at 9 p.m. on ITV2