Alex Rodriguez Made An 'SNL' Cameo In A Sketch That Had J.Lo Falling For Pete Davidson

Alex Rodriguez's attempt to be supportive took an unexpected twist, as on Saturday, A.Rod made a guest appearance on SNL, and the sketch had him vying for J.Lo's heart. On Dec. 7, Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live, and Rodriguez made a surprise cameo in a sketch that had a tour roadie stirring up a bit of relationship drama between the power couple.

During the pre-recorded sketch, J.Lo's rehearsal in an empty theater was interrupted by a PA, who turns out to be Pete Davidson's recurring character, Chad. On SNL, Chad is an aloof and often gross stoner bro who responds, "OK" to everything, which, ironically, makes women fall in love with him. J.Lo begins to confess her love to Chad, who, in turn, strips naked, falls off the stage, grinds on a stool, and passes gas. Even so, the singer remains conflicted about her relationship with Rodriguez, who shows up with flowers just in time to catch the two mid-slow dance.

J.Lo attempts to pass Chad off as a new choreographer, but of course, the roadie admits he isn't, and Rodriguez storms off. The Hustlers star fires Chad — who of course says, "OK," and then when the singer goes after her fiancé, the sketch ends with Chad hilariously calling her the wrong name, saying, "Goodbye, Jell-O."

Rodriguez's appearance in the sketch was an unexpected surprise, as earlier in the week, J.Lo denied Rodriguez would make a cameo, according to ET Online. "There was no talk of that," she said, though she did leave open the possibility, adding, "Not yet."

A.Rod's cameo wasn't a complete surprise, as the star has appeared on the show in the past. In March of 2018, Rodriguez appeared on SNL in a sketch titled, "The Champions", according to ET Online. Charles Barkley hosted the episode, and during the sketch, a fake TV sports panel argued over which sport was more difficult: baseball, basketball, or football. Barkley, who also played himself, faced off against Rodriguez, who is a former New York Yankee, and Kenan Thompson, who played a fake former football star named T.C. Simmons.

The former MLB player's hilarious cameo is also another way for the star to support his fiancé. On Sunday, Rodriguez posted a collage of J.Lo hosting SNL in 2001, 2010, and 2019, on his Instagram Story, writing, "Another incredible job hosting SNL! So proud of you!"

Over the years, Rodriguez has become J.Lo's biggest cheerleader, from teasing her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show on the Today Show on Nov. 6, to surprising the singer with a cake and note at the Hustlers premiere in September, according to PEOPLE. In March, J.Lo and Rodriguez announced their engagement, after over two years of dating, and given how the couple talk about each other, it seems unlikely anyone could come between their IRL relationship.