All The Old Taylor Swift Outfits In Her "LWYMMD" Music Video

During the 2017 VMAs, Taylor Swift premiered her much-awaited music video for Look What You Made Me Do. And it had a lot going on. After an entire song's worth of vengeful lyrics and glamorous moments — including Taylor riding in a gold car, and lounging in a bathtub full of diamonds — the video ended with a very self-aware moment. All the various characters of Swift's past lined up and made fun of each other. And it was kind of amazing.

We got to see the nerdy You Belong With Me Taylor smiling and grabbing her glasses, while another Taylor said "You can't possibly be that surprised all the time." And then, a few seconds later, a circus-ringleader-Taylor turned to a young-Fearless-Tour-Taylor and said, "You act so nice all the time, but you are so fake." One Taylor even proclaimed another was a "bitch."

Basically, it was a line up of every Taylor Swift character ever, and they were all calling each other out. The music video's magical last scene made a lot of sense when you think about the song's meaning, and how it's all about the old Taylor "being dead." Clearly, the singer is ready to move on from her past. And, she's willing to make fun of herself in the process. Here, some of the video's best Taylors.

1. Young "Fearless Tour" Taylor

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On the left we have a still from the new video, which shows a glittery baby Taylor Swift being called out for "being so fake." And on the right we have an actual baby Taylor, from way back in the day on her Fearless tour.

2. Circus Ringleader Taylor

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Here, we have circus-ringleader-Taylor from the new music video. It's pretty spot on for her real life self when she wore the exact same outfit at the 2012 MTV EMAs.

3. Interrupted Taylor

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Way back in 2009, Swift and Kanye West made headlines when West famously interrupted her speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. The iconic moment was another one that made the cut for Swift's most recent video.

3. "Shake It Off" Taylor

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On the left, another spot on portrayal of an old Taylor. And this time it's ballerina-Taylor from the Shake It Off video.

4. Met Gala Taylor

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Representing yet another big moment in Swift's life, we have her gorgeous look from the 2014 Met Gala. It may not be the most controversial moment of her life, but the singer included it in her video anyway.

5. Nerdy "You Belong With Me" Taylor

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And, to finish off the list, we have the You Belong With Me Taylor from way back in 2005. In her new video, Swift turned to this dorky version of herself and said, "You can't possibly be that surprised all the time." And it was kind of amazing.

There really have been so many versions of the singer over the years. She's gotten a lot of flak for her various personas, as well as her relationships and life in the spotlight. It's really cool that Swift can make fun of herself. And, judging by her latest video, it looks she's ready for a new beginning.

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