All The 'Riverdale' Easter Eggs You Missed In 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Part 3

by Rebecca Patton
Jaz Sinclair and Kiernan Shipka in 'CAOS' Part 3
Diyah Pera/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3. With Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa running both Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale (not to mention the upcoming Katy Keene), there's bound to be some cross-pollination between his shows. Fans have been waiting since late 2018, when CAOS premiered, to see Sabrina team up with Archie and his pals, and considering how many Riverdale Easter eggs are in CAOS Part 3, it seems like a crossover is getting closer.

Joss Whedon's shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel arguably set the precedent for contemporary series with shared universes. Since then, NBC's Chicago franchise, Netflix's Marvel shows, and the CW's DC superheroes have followed suit.

There have also been several one-off crossover episodes, like in 2016, when New Girl protagonist Jess ran into Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Other examples include the Friends-Mad About You crossover from 1994 ("The One with the Blackout"), and The X-Files/Cops episode. Ironically, the '90s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch once did a crossover with Boy Meets World, but this Archieverse is much less after-school-special than those programs.

Fortunately for impatient viewers, Part 3 makes a Riverdale and CAOS crossover seem imminent. Here's all the evidence that Archie's and Sabrina's worlds are about to collide.

The Red Dahlia

Screenshot courtesy of Netflix

Episode 1. Ambrose and Prudence track down who they think is Father Blackwood in New Orleans (spoiler alert: it isn't). To lure him in, Prudence uses a glamour to look like Cheryl Blossom's mother, Penelope, aka the Red Dahlia. Hers is certainly an interesting likeness to use, which Prudence must have seen somewhere before — perhaps at the Maple Club?

The Ice Cream Man

Screenshot courtesy of Netflix

Episode 2. One of Sabrina's new roles as Queen of Hell is to drag souls down to their fiery torment. One of these damned humans is Jimmy Platt, an ice cream man who has been extending his contract every seven years by offering the Dark Lord an innocent soul. As a result, he's taken to killing little girls, which is...troubling.

To make things even more curious, the same actor, Matty Finochio, plays the host in a promo for next week's Riverdale episode "Quiz Show." Whether this man is also Jimmy Platt or if Finochio is playing another character, time will tell.

Sabrina's Quest to Riverdale

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Episode 3. During her search for the Unholy Regalia, Sabrina learns that Herod's Crown is, for some reason, hidden in Riverdale. It's a long story involving an American soldier finding the headpiece in Hitler's bunker, who then brought it back to his hometown, which just so happened to be Riverdale.

Ambrose and Sabrina find the crown buried deep in a tree in what is likely Fox Forest, but we don't see Archie or his crew. Maybe in Part 4?

Bad Boy Billy

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Episode 3. Since joining the cheerleading team, Roz has become popular, which makes Harvey feel insecure. He begins feeling competitive with one of the school jocks, Billy Marlin (Ty Wood), who bests him at the carnival game Hercules Hammer.

While this isn't the first time CAOS audiences have seen Billy, he made his Riverdale debut in Season 4, Episode 10, "Varsity Blues." In the episode, Betty interviews the Greendale athlete for her investigative article about Stonewall Prep. It's a quick cameo, but it proves the shows are starting to cross-pollinate more and more.

Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe

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Episode 6. News of Pop's delicious diner food has apparently reached Greendale. After being turned into a spider, Hilda tells her fiancé, Dr. Cee (Alessandro Juliani), that she's craving a burger and milkshake from the nearby diner and requests that he bring some back for her.

The Serpent Cameo

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Episode 6. After Dr. Cee leaves on his quest for burgers, a Southside Serpent enters Cerberus Books looking for a bite. Unfortunately for him, so is Hilda.

Archieverse fans will need to keep an eye out for more crossover clues in CAOS, Riverdale, and, when it premieres in February, Katy Keene, because there's bound to be more Easter eggs where these came from.