The Sneaky 'Riverdale' Reference You Probably Missed In 'CAOS' Part 2

Katie Yu/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2. Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has already alluded to the CW town just across the river, but the Riverdale reference in CAOS Part 2 or, rather, references — edges even closer to an eventual crossover. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the more Easter eggs they drop in, the more inevitable it seems.

In Part 2, Episode 2, Sabrina consults with Ms. Wardwell (who we know is really Madam Satan) about the Dark Lord's request that she steal a pack of gum. Their conversation is mostly about whether or not she should go through with it — and what it could mean if she does — but there's also a sneaky Riverdale reference thrown in. "Every avalanche begins with a snowflake," Ms. Wardwell warns the teenage witch. "Trust me, the path to consummate evil is cumulative, not singular. Today it's gum, tomorrow he'll be asking you to poison the Greendale reservoir."

Poisoning the reservoir, you say? Isn't that exactly what happened to the Sweetwater reservoir on Riverdale, courtesy of Hiram Lodge? That's what was causing all the Riverdale High students to have seizures, right? Sweetwater River is, in fact, the boundary between the towns of Riverdale and Greendale. If Wardwell is talking about the same reservoir, it could be that the events we're seeing play out on CAOS are just slightly behind what's happening in Riverdale, and eventually, the two shows will line up. It could also just be a funny Easter egg for fans, but either way, it's definitely not a coincidence that of all the examples Wardwell could give, she chose that.

It's also not the only Riverdale/Archie comic reference in CAOS Part 2. Later in the episode, Sabrina asks her aunts if they can order pizza. Of course, the pizza boy in Part 1 was none other than Ben from Riverdale. He died playing Griffins & Gargoyles on Riverdale, so he's um, not delivering pizza in Greendale anymore, but again, it seems like a pointed callback.

And finally, at the end of the episode, Harvey can be spotted buying an Afterlife with Archie comic book. Not only does that comic book feature all of the Riverdale characters, it was written by CAOS and Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Sabrina Spellman is also a character in that comic book, as are Hilda, Zelda, Salem, and Harvey. It's Jughead asking Sabrina to bring his dog, Hot Dog, back to life that starts the zombie apocalypse in the comics.

Could that even be a hint at what's to come on Riverdale? Fans have long suspected that zombies will be a part of the show eventually, and given all the weird events that have been happening lately — the mythological Gargoyle King, a creepy Farm cult communicating with the dead — a jump to the supernatural seems imminent. If these tiny nods and references mean anything, the Chilling Adventures and Riverdale crossover could be coming sooner than we think.