Here's Every Single Exciting Detail You Missed In The 'Stranger Things 3' Trailer


Mike, Eleven, Lucas, Dustin, Will, and Max might be looking forward to a carefree summer in Hawkins, but based on the new Stranger Things 3 trailer, they've never been more in danger. The brand new trailer for Netflix's science-fiction/fantasy hit series is packed full of little clues and plot twists, all teased to the tune of the perfect soundtrack to the summer of 1985, when Season 3 takes place. It can be somewhat overwhelming upon first viewing, which is why we've gathered all the Stranger Things 3 trailer details you missed into one, convenient list.

To say there's a lot going on in the Stranger Things 3 trailer would be an understatement. The short clip follows the gang as they reunite for the summer and embark on typical teenage behavior: they go on adventures around town and hang out at the new Starcourt Mall. They're hanging out at each other's houses, having fun. Relationships are changing, kids are growing into young adults, and, oh, yeah, it looks like Eleven is still be hunted by secret organizations and haunted by the Upside Down. Fun!

The teaser dances over the looming threats to Hawkins, which go far beyond the new mall threatening small businesses in Downtown Hawkins. And the clip ends with the debut of a brand new monster from the Upside Down, and let's just say, this new creature is bigger than the Demogorgon's we've seen before.

But, if this new Upside Down monster is the main thing you're taking away from the Stranger Things 3 trailer, well, then here are some details you might have missed along the way.


The Antenna

This might not seem like a big deal, but seeing Dustin, Max, Lucas, and Will set up a giant antenna in the middle of a grassy field could suggest that they're getting ready to create a town network that would allow them to communicate via their walkie talkies pretty much anywhere. As seen in previous seasons, wireless communication is pretty crucial to survival in this town, and you can bet this new structure is going to come in handy.


The Hawkins Post

This shot seems to be of Nancy and Jonathan awkwardly waiting in the offices of the Hawkins Post, one assumes to continue their journey as investigative journalists. It's unclear what, exactly, they're doing there, though their fancy outfits suggests they're either coming from a school dance or at a kind of job interview. It's nice to know that this detective duo is still going strong, but their romance might be on the breaks, given how uncomfortable they look.


The Farrah Fawcett Hairspray

This small but touching detail is really the content fans deserve: Dustin still uses the Farrah Fawcett hairspray Steve told him to in Stranger Things 2. Their bromance is clearly still going strong, and fans, like @lzzie177, are loving it.


Camp Know Where

At the beginning of the trailer, Dustin comes home from camp, and he's wearing the full-on camp uniform, with a bright green and yellow shirt that reads "Camp Know Where." Who knows if that name is relevant to whatever monster is coming for Hawkins, but it is a pretty funny detail that'll no doubt make Dustin fans love him even more.


The Rain

There are two shots of Will Byers standing in awful rain that should catch viewers' attentions. There's one where he appears to be outside, standing in a torrential downpour — this is pretty unremarkable. But, in another shot, he seems to be standing inside his house, looking at photos of him and his friends, and it kind of looks like it's raining inside the house. Maybe it's just rain dripping from his hair, or maybe there's a leak in the Byers home. But maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with Will's connection to the Upside Down, and the dark feeling that's certain to come back to haunt him in Season 3.


Downtown Hawkins

This brief glimpse at a protest outside city hall suggests that things in Hawkins are going to be a lot more chaotic thanks to the new mall. Local business owners are clearly upset by the new competition, and are specifically calling out the Mayor, who appears in the trailer later. Given the town upheaval, it stands to reason that the Mayor will be desperate to keep the peace and get the town settled, which means he might not be too pleased when Hopper comes to ask for some resources to fight monsters form the Upside Down.


The Gunman

This menacing figure appears twice in the Stranger Things 3 trailer — both times wielding a firearm. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? We don't know. What we don know is that he's the kind of guy who brings a gun to a town fair, so, it's safe to say he's a threat.


Red Lightning

This shot of Eleven standing on a beach surrounded by dark clouds and a flash of red lightning is definitely an eyebrow-raiser. There aren't any beaches in Indiana, so, it's safe to say that wherever Eleven is here, she's not in Hawkins anymore. That, and the dark surroundings, could mean that Eleven is actually in some weird corner of the Upside Down. Wherever she is, things aren't looking good.


Billy's No Good Injury

There's a scene in the trailer where Billy is seen examining a very nasty looking would on his forearm in the shower. There's what looks like some kind of infection spreading in his veins, which could definitely be a sign of something from the Upside Down. Infections like this in other science fiction shows usually end up with someone turning into a zombie or a monster, and lo and behold, there's a massive monster later in the trailer.

IGN also theorized that Billy could be hallucinating this injury, which means it could be all in his head, but, either way, Billy definitely seems to be both a danger to himself and to others.



There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sequence in the trailer where men wearing hazmat suits get attacked by what looks like blue lightening (far from the red, Upside Down lightning seen previously). Could this be a new weapon? Or, could this signify a new opening into the Upside Down. Those suits scream government experiments...


Erica Sinclair

Lucas' little sister, Erica, is back in the Stranger Things 3 trailer, and it looks like she'll be getting in on the supernatural-fighting action. In the trailer, she's spotted crawling around in the vents and looking out of some ominous looking glass doors with Dustin, Steve, and the new character, Robin. Whatever she's up to this season, it looks like she's going to find herself in some pretty dangerous situations.



According to IGN, this new character is Bruce, a journalist at the Hawkins Post, who, if this image is any indication, is seriously disturbed.


Mayor Kline

The trailer also gives fans a look at another new character, Mayor Kline. In the clip, he's seen greeting the town at what looks like the local fair. He doesn't seem all that concerned by the threat of the Upside Down, so, it's likely he'll be a roadblock in whatever heroics Hopper needs to get up to in Season 3.


Someone Help Steve!

One particularly creepy shot in the Stranger Things 3 trailer shows our favorite babysitter/mom Steve being screaming and being injected by some unknown person. It looks like he's wearing his work uniform, so, this is definitely a shot of a workday gone wrong. Steve's been through a lot already, so, hopefully a mysterious injection isn't enough to stop him from fighting the good fight against the new monsters.



Mike and Eleven's relationship is still going strong in Season 3. Let's just hope Hopper doesn't walk in on them smooching just yet.


Maury Bauman Returns

Maury's back, and he's clearly got something to say, as he runs through the fair in his undershirt. His frazzled appearance suggests he's racing against the clock. Could he be desperate to warn the kids of some impending doom?


RIP This Woman

Of course, the Upside Down is still a major presence in Stranger Things three seasons in, which means, death is still looming over Hawkins. In this shot, it looks like the lifeguard at the local pool might be in danger.


The Monster In The Hospital

The Stranger Things 3 trailer seems to reveal a brand new monster, and there are a few details worth noting in these quick sequences. 1) The monster appears to grow out of nothing — or is it growing out of a person (like, say, Billy perhaps?). 2) For some reason it's coming to life in what seems to be an empty hospital wing. 3) It's separating Jonathan and Nancy.


The Monster Close Up

The monster in the Stranger Things 3 trailer is truly terrifying. This close up definitely shows that it's no Demogorgon. And, whatever it is, it's in Hawkins, and it doesn't look like it came with any good intentions.

Stranger Things has always been scary, but these details in the Season 3 trailer show that the upcoming episodes are going to take it to a whole new level of creepy.