Twitter Has Things To Say About SJP's Globes Dress


OK, so Sarah Jessica Parker is known for rocking some outfits. And usually they are just about as fabulous as a person can get. But when it came to the Golden Globes on Sunday, Twitter had some things to say about SJP's look. Some good, some bad. But definitely nowhere in between. The actress walked the red carpet in a white, off the shoulder dress that conjured quite a few interesting references. Was she a bar maid? Or a bride? Or maybe both?

The dress was OK, in its many parts. But I think the long sleeves really threw people off. They added a little extra something, and seemed to be more confusing that anyway. That, and her hair. It was piled atop her head in a huge fishtail braid, forming somewhat of a crown. Let the jokes roll on in, right? While I think she looks amazing (I truly think SJP can do no wrong), Twitter wasn't all about it. She was interviewed on the carpet for all of five seconds before the comparisons started.

Take this Twitter user, for example. They offered up their opinion, and said SJP might be ready to serve some schnitzel. Which, I have to admit, I can kinda see.

Others thought she was giving a shout out to the late, great Carrie Fisher. If that's true, then that's amazing.

Another person thought she looked like a Christmas ornament, though I guess she's sadly a few weeks late.

And this girl said SJP looked just about ready for a trip down the aisle.

Well, whatever you think, it's true this stylish actress never disappoints.