Aly Raisman Just Design A Charitable Girl Power Shoe That You Have To See

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Reebok

Get ready to go for the gold — and some girl power. Olympian Aly Raisman teamed up with Reebok to create a limited edition shoe for fall that goes above and beyond your typical celebrity collab. The sneaker is all about girl power and you can tell at first glance. Beyond the bright colors and quirky embroidery, the shoe also gives back to a cause close to the athletes heart. Basically this is one feel-good shoe that you'll never want to take off.

There are tons of trends constantly coming and going in the fashion world, but there's one thing that is always in style — girl power. Raisman's Reebok shoe proves it. The sneaker is all white with subtle hints of pink, light blue, and neon yellow. The kicks have a very '90s feel, which goes perfectly with the embroidery on the back.

From the front, it might just look like your typical adorable sneaker, but the back leaves a little message as you walk away. The heel of each shoe reads, "GRLPWR," so you can spread some empowerment everywhere you go.

“I love this shoe because it is colorful,” said Raisman in a press release. “I knew I wanted the shoe to be about girl power from the start, but I didn’t want it to be the stereotypical pink color. No matter your style you can be total girl power any day."

Courtesy Reebok

The look of the shoe is only the beginning of the collab, too. Raisman and Reebok also joined forces with BOKS, a free physical activity program that gets kids moving. Five dollars from every single shoe purchased will go towards the organization.

"I’m so glad this shoe is giving back to the BOKS program because healthy habits are what they encourage in their program — getting kids active early in the day to promote both physical and mental wellbeing," Raisman tells Bustle.

If you're ready to buy, there's good news. The Aly Shoe is available on the Reebok website. The shoes cost $95 and will only be available for a limited time. You can even personalize the saying on the back, as well as some of the color features.

Courtesy Reebok

The outside might look minimalist, but the insert of the sole gives the bold pop of print that you're looking for. Just like tons of women out there, there's a little fierceness on the inside. The insert of the shoe is covered in cheetah print, so you can get the best of both worlds. According to Raisman, it was done intentionally to add a pop of fun to the style.

"Today’s generation has the coolest style because you can make anything your own with confidence and self-expression," Raisman tells Bustle. "For example, sometimes I like wearing fun, bright colors, but other times I love wearing all black and fun shoes. It totally depends on the day.

"I love when people have unique style and they aren’t afraid to try something new. I think it’s great that people can express themselves in any way they want."

Courtesy Reebok

It's hard not to smile when looking at this shoe, especially knowing that portions of your purchase go towards a good cause. But this is about much more than just a shoes. Raisman explains that it's not the shoe that spreads the message, it's the woman wearing it.

When style and activism come together, there's no better collab. The shoe is the perfect way to have your girl power and spread it, too.