Amanda Responds To Claims That Robby Cheated After 'BiP' & She's Ready To Move On

Bob D'Amico/ABC

Honestly, can Amanda just catch a break in Mexico? Fans were really rooting for her find her soulmate this time around on Bachelor In Paradise after the way everything ended with Josh Murray last season. Unfortunately things didn't work out for her and Robby this season, either. At the end of their time in Paradise, she decided to call things off. But, post-show, they gave the relationship another go when they re-entered the real world after filming. But, it seems like it didn't go swimmingly, because now they have split again. And, to make matters worse, during the BiP after show, Amanda had to respond to accusations that Robby cheated on her after Bachelor in Paradise.

It was the Ferguson twins who first claimed during the finale after show that Robby had cheated on Amanda. Once Robby was brought onto the stage, Chris opened with a straight question about whether he was ever unfaithful. Robby's answer was a solid, "Never." That's when one of the Ferguson twins asked, "What happened in Colorado, then?" to which Robby responded that he went there purely on a business trip. The twins further pressed him about an alleged mystery girl, asking about alleged photos of him allegedly kissing a woman that were sent to Amanda. Robby responded by saying, "There were pictures of me close to a girl but I was not, by any means, being unfaithful." Amanda, who had been silent during this entire exchange, finally cut in by claiming, "The picture did look like y’all were making out. Let’s be honest." When Robby continued to issue denials, she continued to claim, "It looked like it. I dunno ... it did look like it though, but, ya know. He was there, not me."

Before all of this unfolded on screen, Amanda has spoken to Entertainment Tonight about the allegations. She relayed an alleged story that Robby had traveled to Colorado, where he claimed his phone died and didn't get in communication with Amanda for a day or so. Later, Amanda was allegedly sent photos by a friend who claimed that Robby was at a concert, allegedly making out with another woman. Still, Amanda maintains that she wasn't present at the concert and can't say with certainly what happened.

In an interview with Glamour, Amanda further dug into why she feels their relationship failed outside of Paradise. She claimed that Robby allegedly responds personally to a lot of his "fan girls" on Instagram and she wasn't comfortable with him doing that as her boyfriend. Amanda claimed that she told Robby, "You're not really doing anything wrong, but you're not ready for a relationship, especially with someone like me, who is looking for something different."

On the show, Amanda ended the whole conversation by saying, "I think we were looking for different types of things. I think we had different expectations of what a relationship should be like." Hopefully, they can just move past this whole thing and maybe find love outside of the Bachelor franchise, because finding love inside of it just doesn't seem to work for them.