“Amazon Prime Samples” Lets Customers Buy Trial & Sample Versions Of Products For $2


Tiny versions of things are better than the original-sized versions of those things. This is the hill I will die on. It will be a very small hill and you will play the itty-bittiest violin to mourn my miniature martyrdom. For those of you who also love ~*all the small things*~, Business Insider done us all the great service of reminding us that Amazon Prime Samples exists. It’s Amazon Prime, but just for sample sizes of products. Pardon my complete submission to capitalism, but THIS IS VERY ADORABLE AND EXCITING.

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of Amazon Prime Samples. (Sorry, non-Prime members. No samples for you.) For either $2 or $4, you can get a sample-sized version of a product you want to try out (or a product you just want a little bit of). Sometimes Amazon does a thing (i.e. laughing Alexas) that makes me think, “I don’t know how I feel about you guys inevitably taking over the world.” And then I see something like this and am like, “This is a thing I didn’t know I wanted and now I need every sample available. I have fully succumbed to my Alexa overlords.”

The products available in sample form run the gamut from food to skin care to household products. Want to give a Keurig coffee cup flavor a try without committing to an entire box? Get a coffee cup sample. Wanna jump on the bone broth train that apparently exists? Choo choo, baby, there’s a sample for that as well. What if, say, you’re looking to get into some flavored sexual lubricant. Do you want to try strawberry, cherry, vanilla, or perhaps pina colada?

Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth, $2, Amazon

You can basically turn your mailbox into your own personal Costco-esque sample booth, personally selecting the exact samples you want to try. It is the dream of everyone who loves samples, which is to say everyone.


If you’re a fan of beauty products, hold on to your beauty blender, because Amazon Prime Samples also has a decent amount of beauty and grooming products. There are seven different shades of L’Oreal’s Infallible lip paints available to sample (because you know you want to try Lilac Lust but not, like, a whole tube’s worth). They also have a dozen different shampoo and conditioner samples available, which are giving me flashbacks to ravishing my subscription of Seventeen Magazine for every free sample you could tear out of the issue.

Women's Skin and Hair Care Sample Box, $9.99, Amazon

You can also order an entire sample box if you’re looking to try out a few different products by one brand or a range of a specific kind of product. The women’s skin and hair care box, for example, contains ten different samples for $9.99. There are also dog and cat food boxes to pamper your pet. And you’d be lying if you said you were even a little bit curious about the Soylent sample box for $5.99. (At least, I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t consider spending $6 to feel a part of the zeitgeist.)

Soylent Sample Box, $5.99, Amazon


Lest you think you’re blowing $2 to $4 for no reason (or you’re worried about those couple of dollars quickly adding up), you’ll get a credit of equal value to put toward a full-size product of the sample you purchased. So, if you’re super into that sample of bone broth, you’ll have $2 off of a full-sized purchase. The credit expires 180 days after your sample ships, which should give you plenty of time to decide whether you want to commit to a product.

Of course, like all good things, the service comes with a caveat or two. You can only buy a sample once. So, you can definitely sample every shade of a lip product, but you can’t get multiple samples of the same shade. Though the sample service comes as a part of Amazon Prime (which includes free two-day shipping), samples can take anywhere between three and ten days to arrive.

Will Amazon Prime Samples replace your Birchbox subscription or entirely feed your need for Costco samples? Probably not. But it’s definitely helpful if you’re looking to try out a new product or snag a couple smaller versions of your favorite products to take while traveling.