Amazon Reviewers Are In Love With These 41 Products That Save You $40 A Month

If someone told you that spending money on a product now would actually save you money in the long run, would you be even more excited to make that investment? Well, get ready, because Amazon reviewers are in love with these products that save you $40 a month — and there's a good chance they're about to become your new favorite must-have items.

These are the products that could save you a trip to the salon, the doctor, the dentist, or keep you from having to call your plumber (as amazing as your plumber might be). These genius products have very little in common with one another — you'll find a hair cutting tool featured on Shark Tank and a natural shoe deodorizer on the same list. But they share two magical qualities in common: they are innovative products that will save you money in some way, and they'll eventually pay for themselves the more you use them.

Amazon reviewers can't stop raving about a fabric shaver that finally gets rid of fuzz on sweaters and saves you from shopping again this season. They are all about a non-microwave popcorn maker and can't get enough of hair-removing drain snakes that fix problems before you need to call in costly professional help.

These are the products that will save you money, time — and headaches.

1. The Fastest Way To Remove Facial Hair At Home

If you decide to remove facial hair, there's really no easier way to do so from the privacy and comfort of your own bathroom than with this safe facial hair remover. The curved tool requires nothing more than a few twists over your skin to painlessly, swiftly remove hair — faster than a tweezer. It's made of hypoallergenic carbon steel, which prevents irritation and is safe for sensitive skin.

2. This 'Shark Tank'-Approved Clip For Professional DIY Hair Cuts

You knew getting bangs would mean frequent trips to the salon, but that expense adds up over time. Learn how to DIY hair cuts with this hair cutting tool, which won over judges on Shark Tank. The clip has gentle teeth, a rotating level, and it . locks in place so that your snips are precise and even. You can even learn how to layer hair with it — which will definitely save you some major dollars over time.

3. A Self-Massage Stick That Targets Trigger Points And Eases Muscle Pain

Take care of muscle aches and pains before it becomes necessary to call in for professional help. This self-massage stick has specially designed curves, corners, and points that target acupressure points and relieve tension fast. It's also lightweight and portable enough to keep in your gym bag so that you can massage muscles before and after workouts.

4. An Oral Rinse So Powerful It Keeps Breath Fresh For 24 Hours

This isn't your grandmother's mouthwash — this is a powerful oral rinse that slays bacteria and can help with chronic mouth odors. According to studies and more than 4,000 reviewers, it doesn't just make breath fresh, it keeps your mouth clean for up to 24 hours, without using a single artificial color or flavor, to boot.

5. The All-Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray Made With Essential Oils

Using nothing more than a clever blend of effective organic essential oils like tea tree, mint, and lemongrass, this all-natural shoe deodorizer spray neutralizes bacteria that causes odors and keeps your feet, shoes, gym bag, and locker smelling fresh. The strong spray is completely safe to use on and around children and pets.

6. These Acne-Healing Pimple Patches That You Can Wear Anytime

Wear these transparent acne patches to bed and wake up with less red, less painful pimples — but you can also wear them during the day (even under makeup) for additional zit-healing benefits. The patches are made from natural hydrocolloid that sucks up excess sebum and they come in two sizes to suit small and large pimples.

7. A Bacteria-Killing Tongue Scraper

Brushing and flossing are basic ways to maintain oral health, but if you want to really up the ante, this tongue scraper reaches where no brush can go to gently remove bacteria that leads to unwanted odors in the mouth. The stainless steel tool is curved, simple to use, and helps remove plaque. There's also no synthetic materials on this, so it won't hold onto germs.

8. The Wine Saver And Pump That Keeps Opened Bottles Fresh For Longer

Open that bottle of wine, enjoy a glass or two, and then save the rest for another time without worrying about it turning sour. This wine saver comes with a pump and two bottle stoppers that create an airtight seal to keep wine fresh for days — the seal prevents oxidation, which is what causes your two-day old wine to have that vinegar taste.

9. This Double-Sided Pumice Stone For Super-Smooth Feet

Sometimes your feet need just a bit of exfoliation — and other times they need serious sloughing action to get rid of dead skin cells and tough calluses. This double-sided pumice stone features a lavender medium-coarse side and a purple extra-coarse side. The antibacterial stone provides the best of both exfoliation worlds. One reviewer wrote: "If you have thick, calloused skin on the bottoms and sides of your feet, that no amount of scrubbing with a pumice stone has ever been able to completely remove, then you NEED to give these bars a try. They will take all of the dead skin off and leave you with soft, new skin. For real. You will be amazed."

10. A Grease Guard That Stops Oil From Splashing When You Cook

Prevent oil splashes and splatters with this simple grease splatter screen. The 13-inch tool allows steam to escape from pots and pans, while keeping grease contained. It doubles as a strainer or cooling rack, is dishwasher-safe, and comes in two additional sizes: 15 inches or 11.5 inches. The ergonomic feet also allow you to rest this on your countertop without the greasy screen touching it.

11. An Adjustable Rolling Pin With Removable Rings For Dough That's The Perfect Thickness

The level of thickness you require of your dough changes according to each recipe, which is why this adjustable rolling pin with removable rings is such a convenient baking tool. It features 1/16-, 1/6-, 1/4-, and 3/8-inch removable discs so that you can easily whip up everything from pie crusts to cookies and pizza — with no more measuring, because you'll know exactly how thick the dough you're rolling out is.

12. The Simplified Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Fits In Your Fridge

Some cold brew coffee makers have become quite complex in the last few years, but you don't necessarily need a complicated contraption to brew a delish coffee that is low in acid. This cold brew coffee maker does the job in just one borosilicate glass carafe that fits right in your fridge. No more taking up counter space — brew and serve from one carafe.

13. An Apple Slicer And Corer That Delivers 16 Perfectly Uniform Slices

Cut up that apple in seconds with this apple slicer and corer, which creates 16 perfectly thin slices that are of equal size. The dishwasher-safe tool protects your fingers while pushing cut-up apple slices and cores through with precision so there's no risk of cutting yourself.

14. This Non-Stick Grill Mat That Keeps Food From Falling Into Your BBQ

Not only will these non-stick grill mats provide a perfectly practical place to put meat and veggies when you're barbecuing them, but they'll keep food from falling through the cracks on your grill. The set of five mats are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees and are simple to clean — wipe them down with water and a bit of soap and they're as good as new. They can even be used in the microwave to prevent spills.

15. These Adhesive Corner Stickers That Keep Rugs From Curling

Help keep area rugs flat so that they stop curling up in the corners, with these adhesive rug corner stickers. The weatherproof adhesive strips are in the shape of a V and have a rubber layer that protects wood floors and won't leave marks on either indoor or outdoor surfaces.

16. The Soap-Dispensing Brush That Scrapes Food Off Of Pans

Eliminate one extra step when you're washing dishes, pots, and pans with this multi-tasking soap dish brush, which has a button that you can press to release small amounts of soap whenever you need it. The brush has durable nylon bristles that remove grease and a scraper on the back to get rid of caked-on food —  but it won't scratch surfaces. It also helps you use less dish soap, and lasts way longer than sponges, which will save you money over time.

17. This Hair Strengthening Oil That Helps Strands Grow

Soften strands and strengthen roots so that you hair grows longer and stronger with this natural hair growth oil, made from an amazing blend of ingredients like lentil, mushroom extract, olive oil, rice bran, and jojoba oil. At first, apply the oil once a week, gradually building up to three times a week. Reviewers say it makes your hair thicker and softer over time.

18. An Interconnecting Scoop And Funnel For Mess-Free Coffee

Scoop up two tablespoons of coffee and then immediately pour it into your coffee maker or pot via an attached funnel. This easy, breezy integrated scoop and funnel is compatible with all single-serve coffee brewers and doubles as a convenient applicator for baby formula, tea leaves, and powdered supplements.

19. These Makeup Blending Sponges For Flawless Application

Use these makeup blending sponges for perfectly blended foundation, concealer, blush, and more. The oval-shaped sponges can be used wet or dry and are ideal for getting around curved edges of your face like your nose. They pick up and deposit just enough makeup for even coverage, which means you won't waste a drop and will save money in the long run.

20. An Organic Oil Facial Cleanser That Gets Rid Of Every Trace Of Makeup

The best way to remove oil-based makeup is with another oil-based product — and this organic facial cleansing oil gets the job done with a combination of natural ingredients like argan, apricot, and jojoba oils that dissolve stubborn makeup without irritating your skin. The cleanser is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is free of alcohol, parabens, and sulfates so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin.

21. The Fastest Popcorn Maker Ever That Doesn't Require A Microwave

Pop up to 18 cups of delicious popcorn in less than three minutes with this amazing popcorn maker, which works without a microwave or stovetop. Plug in the gadget, fill it with kernels, press a button, and — and boom — air-popped popcorn is yours (butter and oil are entirely optional).

22. A Fabric Shaver So You Don't Have To Run Out And Buy New Sweaters

You can take better care of your sweaters, blankets, and other knitwear and save yourself a trip to the store when you use this fabric shaver to remove lint, pills, and fluff, and fuzz that are making pieces look worn out. This battery-operated tool has three replaceable stainless steel blades and an adjustable height spacer that ensures it works on a wide variety of fabric.

23. These Refillable K-Cup Filters That Are Less Costly Than Competitors

Swap out the K-cup filter you're currently using for these reusable and refillable K-cup filters, which work on most Keurig models, excluding the K155, K250, and Keurig Cuisinart model. Most reviewers agree that they fit machines perfectly, are simple to fill and use, and are better for the planet and your wallet.

24. An Expandable Bread Keeper With Air Vents That Keeps Bread Fresh From Turning Stale

Keep bread from turning stale just days after you purchase it by storing it in this bread keeper that can expand up to 11 inches to accommodate Italian or French loaves. This inventive keeper has air vents that allow for just the right amount of airflow and it even comes with its own bread cutting board. Pop the tool into your dishwasher when it needs to be cleaned.

25. The Most Reliable Cheese Cloth Strainer For Making Nut Milk Or Cold Brew Coffee

Whether you're into juicing, whipping up cold brew coffee, or making your own almond milk at home, this is the ultra-fine cheese cloth strainer bag that allows only the ingredients you want to pass through. This mess-free bag is designed with strong triple seams and can handle up to 4 quarts of liquid.

26. This Coffee Drip Kit For A More Flavorful Cup

Your coffee has never tasted better — this coffee drip kit consists of a stainless steel mesh filter and glass carafe. Seems simple enough — and it is — pour water over beans and experience an amazing, delicious cup. The carafe comes in three sizes: 10.5, 14, and 17 fluid ounces.

27. An Odor Eliminator That You Plug Into Outlets

Some plug-in room deodorizers do little more than attempt to conceal smells with overpowering fragrances. But this odor eliminator is different. Plug it into an outlet or mount it and its carbon filter instantly begins neutralizing bad odors. It has an off/switch and an optional scent cartridge — in case you also appreciate a sweet fragrance in the air.

28. The Popular Vitamin C Serum That Brightens And Hydrates Skin

You don't have to spend a fortune to get glowing skin. A few carefully chosen products that contain effective ingredients is all you need — and this powerful 20 percent vitamin C serum, which also contains hydrating hyaluronic acid — brightens and softens your complexion while protecting it from damage caused by free radicals in the environment. More than 8,000 reviewers agree this is a worthwhile addition to your skincare routine.

29. These Washable, Reusable Menstrual Pads That Are So Kind To The Planet

Not only are you helping the environment when you make the switch from disposable tampons and pads to these reusable menstrual pads, but you're not compromising your comfort. The six-pack of pads are infused with odor-neutralizing bamboo charcoal and come in four flow choices (panty liners, medium flow, and heavy flow pads) and a variety of pretty prints. The pads also come with a mini laundry bag to make washing them a breeze.

30. The Hair-Removing Drain Snakes That Keep You From Having To Call In A Plumber

You should always have a good plumber on speed dial, but if you can DIY a drain fix and save yourself hundreds of dollars using these drain snakes, all the better. The flexible snakes are designed with hooks that grasp onto debris and hair easier so that you can yank up everything that's compromising your drains and causing potential (expensive) damage to pipes.

31. An Energy-Efficient Smart Light Bulb You Can Set Up On A Schedule

These smart light bulbs cost more now, but will save you big-time in the long run. The LED bulbs are energy efficient and will save you up to 60 percent energy consumption compared to regular bulbs. They respond to voice commands using Google Assistant and IFTTT and can be set up so that they run on a schedule, which will also save you money (no more leaving the house and realizing later that you’ve left lights on everywhere).

32. A Perm Kit For Curlier, More Lush Eyelashes

More than 700 reviewers have given this eyelash perm kit a nearly perfect rating — because, as strange as it may seem at first to perm your lashes, it really and truly works. The DIY treatment can be performed in eight easy steps to add lush lift and curl to your natural lashes, possibly eliminating the need to spend a lot more on eyelash extensions. One reviewer wrote: "This product was AMAZING and real easy to use. I have really sensitive eyes and none of the solutions that came with the kit affected them in any way. This is great stuff!"

33. This Skin Saving Solution That Prevents Ingrown Hairs And Razor Burn

Apply this post-shaving skincare liquid treatment before and after a shave, wax, laser hair treatment, or electrolysis to dissolve skin oils that interrupt with the hair removal process and then soothe skin and prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. One reviewer raved: "I have been having a terrible problem with ingrown hairs on my bikini area. I have tried several products, including a topical prescription from my dermatologist. The topical from the dermatologist helped a little, but not to my satisfaction. I found Tend Skin while scrolling through Amazon. I did not have high hopes, but figured it could not hurt to try. Within one week, I have no ingrown hairs whatsoever."

34. The Trio Of Mini Detangling Brushes That Won't Damage Strands

Thanks to its soft bristles, these brushes gently eliminate tangles and knots on dry or wet hair without pulling strands and causing breakage or split ends. The miniature brushes are perfectly portable and can easily fit in bags or carry-on cases. Buy a three-pack now and never have to buy a new brush again — especially one that yanks at your hair.

35. This Time-Saving Hot Blow Dryer Brush That Down On Styling Time

This hot brush will save you money on blowouts forever — because use this dryer and volumizer once, and you'll never book an appointment again. It has three heat and speed settings for the best results every time, tangle-free bristles, and a cool tip that prevents burns.

36. The 3-In-1 Cleanser Designed Especially For Sensitive Skin

Cleanse, tone, and remove stubborn eye makeup without irritating sensitive skin with this special facial cleanser, which is free of alcohol and rich in 15 minerals. This will replace a bunch of your products that you use when washing your face — plus, it's paraben-free, ph-balanced, and safe for sensitive skin because it's allergy-tested.

37. These Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

These reusable bamboo makeup remover pads will be there for you to remove every last stitch of waterproof makeup. Major bonus points: they are also there for the planet — toss them in the accompanying laundry bag and wash and reuse them countless time. Each cotton round can be used up to 1,000 times and they come in a variety of colors.

38. The Plug-In LED Night Lights That Have Motion Sensors

Plug in these mini night lights and they'll only turn on in the dark after sensing motion. The long-lasting LED bulbs rarely need to be replaced, they'll make nighttime trips to the kitchen and bathroom a lot safer, and they come in two light hues: daylight white and warm white.

39. A Veggie-Draining Salad Spinner For Faster Prep

Put damp lettuce and vegetables in this salad spinner and watch as it spin-dries your salad in seconds. The manual spinner has a non-skid base and a simple knob that you turn to set forth its spinning action. The clear inner bowl can even be used as a serving bowl.

40. An Avocado Splitter, Pitter, And Slicer That Does It All

There isn't a single avocado prep task left unturned when you use this three-in-one avocado slicer. The tool splits, pits, and slices avocado into seven perfect pieces. And it's dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning.

41. This Heart-Shaped Makeup Brush Cleaner With An Activated Carbon Cleaning Sponge

Once you get past the fact that this heart-shaped makeup brush cleaner is adorable and so super affordable, you can focus on its smart design and the fact that it really, truly works. On one side of the silicone tool you'll find a variety of textured surfaces that lift up makeup embedded in brush bristles, while the other side consists of an activated carbon cleaning sponge that removes color from brushes quickly while you're doing an eye look. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.