This Dress Was Made Out Of Those Long AF CVS Receipts & You Need To See The Train

Internet personality Amber Scholl has all of the receipts — CVS receipts, that is. CVS receipts are always long AF. They look like an ancient scroll that could stretch to approximately 58 miles when laid flat. So YouTuber Amber Scholl made a dress out of CVS receipts and put all that thermal paper to good use. Because regular fabric is so overrated.

Scholl came up with a truly excellent way to recycle the receipts, which often include coupons for things you just purchased and a summary of your ExtraCare frequent shopper savings. The end result looked like a successful Project Runway challenge and it had an epic train. You can totally imagine Scholl strutting her stuff in this dress on a red carpet. Envision her chatting with a network fashion correspondent who asks, "Who are you wearing?," and her chirping back, "Oh, just CVS Couture!" While Scholl had to be super ginger when walking and moving around while wearing the dress, it was a cute little frock with a high-low hem.

The chipper and brilliant fashion influencer previously made a wedding dress out of toilet paper and an LBD out of a trash bag. So there is really no limit to her ingenuity and creativity. The CVS receipt dress is her best improvised look thus far, though.

Scholl took viewers along with her on her sojourn to the pharmacy, where she fished some discarded receipts out of the trash at her local CVS in order to give them a sartorial second chance.

Scholl's dress-making tutorial was easy to follow so yes, you can try this at home — if you have a lot time, patience, energy, and a several miles worth of CVS receipts.

Scholl began by ripping the receipts into a dozens of tiny pieces and used a sticky substance called Mod Podge to glue the receipts onto a black corset top.

It mimicked an art class papier-mâché project — at first.

Scholl proceeded to make a skirt by measuring out a piece of duct tape around her waist and then fastening the receipts to it.

She also made a longer, train-like skirt. Seriously, though. No CVS receipt was wasted (or harmed) in the construction of this dress.

Ta-da! The finished product had a mullet silhouette — a short, skater-like skirt in the front and long, flowing, and elegant train in the back.

Fans loved the CVS dress and they were vocals in the comments of the video. This user made an incredibly valid point, "OK, the real question though... why are so many people throwing away their ExtraBucks?? Those things are like gold!" Another wrote, "You're lady Gaga's new dresser!" since the CVS dress was so quirky. This user said it best, though, posting, "Amber is the only person who would make something like this and look freaking GORGEOUS in this dress! Honestly how do you do it??"

This isn't the first time the internet got creative regarding CVS receipts. Back in May, a meme where the extra long train of Meghan Markle's wedding veil was compared to a CVS receipt made the rounds on the web.

The moral of this story is to always keep your receipts. You might need them — for a return or to repurpose them as "fabric" for a fun frock.