A YouTuber Made A Royal Wedding Dress Out Of Toilet Paper & She's Now Duchess Of The Bathroom

Not everyone can be Meghan Markle, but that doesn't mean you can't try. Popular YouTube star Amber Scholl's toilet paper wedding dress is proof that you can get a duchess's dress at Target — kind of. How did this wedding dress turn out? Honestly, it's kind of amazing, but that makes sense because this isn't Scholl's first rodeo when it comes to creating high fashion out of household items.

A few weeks ago, Scholl went viral with her gorgeous black gown made of trash bags. Yes, trash bags. The off-the-shoulder, fitted gown was made by attaching rosettes made of trash bags to a bodice and draped sleeves, and it's low key gorgeous. As for the skirt of the gown, it was created using sheer fabric, but at the bottom, Scholl used the same rosettes to detail the train and hem.

Now, she's doing the same thing but with toilet paper. In her video, Scholl explains that she's been inspired by the royal wedding, and while the dress isn't a direct reproduction of Meghan Markle's Givenchy wedding dress, it's still a totally impressive creation that makes Scholl "the duchess of the bathroom." Hey, if you can't be the Duchess of Sussex, why not be the duchess of the bathroom, right?

Of course, Scholl began her journey to the perfect toilet paper wedding dress by getting what else but toilet paper. Of course, toilet paper alone can't really stay on the body without a base. Scholl went to her local craft supply store and snagged a skirt and bodice to use as her outline for the gown. Then, she started to get to work.

For the corset top, Scholl twisted together string of toilet paper to create texture, and honestly, it looks pretty good right? Of course, she wasn't going to leave the dress with simple line of toilet paper running all over it. This is, after all, a classy toilet paper dress.

If you missed Scholl's first dress making video, you may not know that she made rosettes out of trash bags. Here's she's doing it again for the top of the gown to give it a little oomph.

Then, for the mermaid bottom of the wedding gown, she did the same thing in much bigger sizes. Honestly, the amount of work she put into this deserves some sort of the prize. Maybe the queen should actually award her a title. Lady of the Toilet Paper Roses sounds good, right?

The process of creating her wedding gown wasn't all fun and games, though. Scholl's apartment suffered from her banging creativity, and as for her hands, well, she admits in the video that it took her quite a while to pry the glue from them. If you're a crafter, you totally know her struggle.

The end result, though? Totally worth it. While you may have to hope and pray that it doesn't rain on your wedding day, this "Duchess of the Bathroom" look is actually gorgeous despite its flimsy material.

As for how much time it took Scholl? She explains in her video that the dress took about a full day and a half to create and that was with her working well into the night. Now, that's some dedication to the craft of crafting, right? Honestly, she didn't even use that much toilet paper. Basically, all you've got to do is head to Costco, and you're set.

While it may not exactly be Meghan Markle's Givenchy gown, Scholl's dress is pretty impressive on its own. Who doesn't love a good toilet paper rosette, right?