Amour Vert Is Letting Shoppers Add Literal Trees To Their Shopping Cart To Save The Environment

The sustainable fashion brand Amour Vert is on a mission to plant forests. Since 2013, with every purchase of an Amour Vert tee, the brand plants a tree in North America in partnership with American Forest. Now for April, you don't need to buy a tee. Amour Vert is planting one tree for every one dollar tree you put into your cart. Amour Vert (offers sizes XS to XL) means "Green Love" in French, and the brand has made being eco-friendly an integral part of its brand.

Amour Vert is stepping up its sustainable game in honor of Earth Month in April, and is inviting shoppers to join in on the fun. With any Amour Vert purchase, the brand invites shoppers to add trees to their cart for one dollar each. For each tree you buy, a tree gets planted. You can also plant a tree in honor of a loved one or close friend if you would like.

If you want your loved one to know you're planting it in their name, you can add the recipient's email along with a message, which will be shared with them once the transaction is completed. The cart also features a tree counter of how many trees Amour Vert is planting with your specific order so you can clearly see your impact. While the purchase of an Amour Vert tee isn't necessary to plant a tree during Earth Month, if you purchase a t-shirt a tree will still be planted, increasing your impact.

One of Amour Vert's signature fabrics is the Beechwood Blend. It is made from sustainably harvested beechwood fibers that are free of pesticides and are biodegradable. Since Amour Vert takes from the environment in order to create its products, the brand sees it as only right to give back. But this isn't the first time that the brand has decided to help plant trees.

To date, Amour Vert has planted over 220,000 trees in six years.

In addition to planting trees, Amour Vert also takes other steps to be a sustainable label. The brand makes limited quantities of each piece in order to eliminate excess waste. The clothes are also U.S. made, with 97 percent of its products are made in California.

"Local production means less transportation of clothing and less of a carbon footprint," the Amour Vert site reads.

In addition to the beechwood fibers, Amour Vert also uses other sustainable materials for its collection. The brand carries GOTS certified organic cotton, which means the fiber meets ecological and social criteria. Amour Vert also uses tencel, which is made from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees.

In some of its pieces, the brand uses a material called cupro, which is made from cotton linter that would be normally thrown out. The facility producing the cupro also recycles nearly 100 percent of its waste. In addition to that, the wool used in Amour Verts collections is milled in Italy at a sustainable powered plant, and Amour Vert can guarantee the ethical treatment of the animals in the process. It's clearly a brand that takes being green and ethical seriously.

Amour Vert has a brand new April catalog out, so there are plenty of feel-good items to both tempt you and help you plant trees. Check out some of the picks below.

White Collared Summer Shirt

A men's inspired white collared shirt, this button-down is made from 100 percent organic cotton. It also has a slit in the back, so it's perfect for ventilation during the summer. Available in sizes XS to XL.

Bailey Ribbed Maxi Dress

This stretchy dress is made from Amour Vert's modal fabric, which is made from sustainably harvested beechwood in a carbon neutral process. The dress is available in sizes XS to L.

Clemente Wide Leg Jumpsuit

A wide leg cropped jumpsuit, this fiery red number is also made from the modal fabric. With a wrap top and stretchy waist, it's fancy enough for dinner dates and comfy enough for TV binges. It runs from sizes XS to L.

Plant some trees and get new spring wardrobe all in one go.