ABH Is Finally Launching Lashes & Here Are All The Details

Anastasia Beverly Hills lashes are launching soon.

Get your glue, beauty lovers. There are new lashes in town, and they're from a brand you likely already know and love. After years of fan requests, Anastasia Beverly Hills is finally launching false lashes.

In an Instagram announcement on Oct. 24, Anastasia Beverly Hills revealed that lashes are about to hit their lineup of products. The brand, which has long been known for its iconic brow products, had yet to release lashes despite being a go-to brand for glamorous and adventurous looks in part thanks to president Norvina and her ultra-creative approach to beauty. (Just check out her recent palettes if you need proof.)

For its first lash launch, ABH has created six different strip lash iterations, ranging from wispy to dramatic. Each set of lashes retails for $12-$16 each making them an incredibly competitive price given the cost of other lash brands reaching up to $30 for a single set. Plus, according to ABH, each pair can be worn up to 20 times. Couple the price with the number of times each strip can be worn, and the value of the new product comes to only $1.60 per wear.

Starting now, you can snag these lashes at the Anastasia Beverly Hills website.

If you're a loyal fan of the brand, you'll likely know that ABH prides itself on being cruelty-free in all of its products, and that hasn't changed with its lashes. Mink lashes have become popular among both lash wearers and those who get lash extensions. Some are even touted as cruelty free. However, critics have been quick to question if that's truly the case. For Anastasia Beverly Hills, it's not something that should concern shoppers. Five pairs of the lashes are 100% synthetic, and one, the Eleganza style, is made of human hair making all six strips cruelty-free and vegan.

In an Instagram post, Anastasia Beverly Hills President, Norvina told fans and customers that she can't wait to be able to see a full face of Anastasia Beverly Hills on her Instagram. She wrote, "I’m so excited for this launch. It’s going to be so rewarding to finally see a full Anastasia face down to the lashes on my feed."

For those who have been long time fans of Anastasia Beverly Hills, get ready to have the same full, feathery look of the famous ABH brow in lash form.