Andie's One-Piece Swimsuits Let You Try Before Buying

by Alexa Tucker

If newly warmed-up temperatures have you dreaming about a new swimsuit you can rock all summer long in 2017, you'll want to get this brand spankin' new line on your radar. Direct-to-consumer brand Andie one-piece swimsuits are try-before-you-buy, so you can be sure your pick fits just the way you want it to.

Launching on Tuesday, April 11, the line was created by two lady bosses with the goal of making luxury swimsuits at an affordable price. Plus, the online shopping model ditches frustrating fitting room experiences, because sometimes trying on swimsuits doesn't always feel that great. The ability to try on a few different suits at home eliminates unpredictable dressing room lighting and mirrors, not to mention salespeople and other customers around you that can mess with your vibe.

Here's how it works: You pay a $19 deposit, and Andie sends you each of their three swimsuits in the size you choose (they go from XS to XL). You've got seven days to try 'em on, so you can make sure you're in a confident, positive frame of mind before you dive in (which, to me, is key).

After you've decided, you send back the ones you don't want. They'll charge your card $125 if you keep one, $115 each if you keep two, and $105 each if you can't part with any of them. Minus the $19 you already paid, of course. And if none of them make you feel amazing, they'll refund your deposit.

The best part? They're one-piece swimsuits you'll actually want to wear. Even though there's only three suits in the line (and one set color for each), they're all sleek, streamlined, and high-quality. They also mention that the nylon and spandex-blend fabric is ultra stretchy, so they'll probably work for you if you're a little on the shorter or taller side. And as a tall girl, the struggle of finding a one-piece with a long-enough torso is a struggle, so I'm excited to see how they stack up against my specifically tall-sized suits.

Here's a look at all three trendy suits — I'm going to go ahead and say that the likelihood of keeping all three is very high.

1. The Catalina

The Catalina swimsuit, $105-$125, Andie

This style features a keyhole open back and comes in black for a simple statement.

2. The Tulum

The Tulum swimsuit, $105-$125, Andie

My personal favorite, this suit has criss-crossed straps and a low open back. Plus, the LWS (little white swimsuit) just might be the new LBS (little black swimsuit).

3. The Montauk

The Montauk swimsuit, $105-$125, Andie

This chic navy boat-neck suit has a hint of — dare I say — tasteful side boob, and simple straps down an open back.