Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Release A Joint Statement On Their Divorce About Keeping The Details Private


It's been nearly three months since the shocking news broke that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are divorcing, and now, there's an update on their split that could make a very difficult process a little easier on their family from here on out. On Monday night, Pitt and Jolie released a joint statement saying that the court documents concerning their divorce will remain private for the sake of their children, and they are now using a private judge to ensure all details of the proceedings remain confidential.

According to People, the statement says:

The parties and their counsel have signed agreements to preserve the privacy rights of their children and family by keeping all court documents confidential and engaging a private judge to make any necessary legal decisions and to facilitate the expeditious resolution of any remaining issues. The parents are committed to act as a united front to effectuate recovery and reunification.

Since their divorce was announced in late September, many of the details have been made public via their court documents. But now that the former couple has managed to reach an agreement, all of that will stop, and it's obvious they've been keeping their children their first priority.


In December, Pitt's initial request to keep court records private was denied by a judge, which his lawyer, Lance Spiegel, told E! News was because the judge didn't see it was a necessary "emergency action." But now that the matter has come up again, it sounds like his wishes have been granted, and it could be the right move for their entire family going forward.

Here's hoping something as painful as a divorce can be is as easy on Jolie and Pitt's children as possible. Now that the court documents are being sealed, hopefully, it will help the whole family heal.