Anne Hathaway Has Kind Words For The Kardashians

by Nicole Pomarico
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I absolutely adore the Kardashians, and when I find out that someone doesn't, for some reason, I take it really personally. And when I find out that someone else does like them? Yeah, I lose it then, too, especially when that person happens to be one of my favorite celebrities. This week, Anne Hathaway said Kim Kardashian is sweet, and she had nothing but positive things to say about her and her sisters. I'm not sure why Hathaway's love for everybody's favorite reality stars is warming my heart so much, but it is, and this love affair should never end.

The topic came up while Hathaway was talking to Entertainment Tonight about filming Oceans 8, in which Kardashian has a cameo during the movie's Met Gala scene (because obviously, the Met Gala is Kardashian in her natural habitat). Much to my relief, Hathaway came away from the project with a very good impression of her and her family, even though they didn't spend much time together.

Here are her exact words:

"She's so sweet. All the Kardashian girls are great. We didn't work together that much, but just totally sweet people."

Please join me in reading between the lines to find that what Hathaway is really trying to say is that they became instant BFFs and Kris Jenner is currently drawing up the adoption paperwork.

Part of the reason it's so exciting to hear Hathaway talk about the Kardashians is the fact that she seems to exist in a different universe of celebrities than they do. Since they're so rooted in the land of modeling, music, and fashion, there aren't many opportunities for them to cross paths with a lot of actors. Place one of them in the other's world and it's like having all your favorite people in the same room.

And since Hathway kinda sorta unintentionally shaded Kardashian on Instagram last year, this is a really nice confirmation that there's no harsh feelings there whatsoever. I mean, obviously they're not about to start attending Kanye West concerts together, but the love seems to be there all the same.

Plus, hearing Hathaway's comments has made me even more excited for Oceans 8. I wonder if they'll interact on screen? Summer 2018 cannot get here fast enough.