Annika From ‘You’ Is Sandy Cohen’s Daughter & These Instagrams Show It's All In The Eyebrows

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lifetime's chilling new series You has gained quite the impressive fan base ever since it was made available on Netflix. People just can't seem to stop talking about Penn Badgley's portrayal of Joe Goldberg or the gloriousness of Peach Salinger. However, Joe and Beck's complicated love story isn't the only mystery that can be solved by watching the series. It turns out that Annika from You is actually Peter Gallagher's daughter in real life and now that you are armed with this knowledge, you can definitely see the family resemblance (which helps to explain Annika's killer brows).

Much like her dad, Kathryn Gallagher has a passion for music and has the vocal chops to back it up. One look at her Instagram account provides plenty of examples of her various interests, which includes occasionally singing duets with her father. (As you can imagine, it's all sorts of adorable.) These two are basically the father-daughter relationship goals you never knew you needed in your life. The OC's Sandy Cohen may be television's ultimate father figure, but it seems like his real life counterpart isn't too far behind in that department. So if you have yet to watch You in its entirety or simply want to go back to rewatch the chilling story unfold, be sure to pay extra close attention to Annika now that you know her impressive family tree.

These two have yet to appear on any shows or movies together, but one look at their on-screen chemistry proves this is a missed opportunity. Back in August, Kathryn posted snippets of a video of her singing alongside her father, which was accompanied by a very sweet birthday message, which read:

"hbd dad sorry I was too embarrassed to sing with you when I was 12, I am older now + have inherited your dad jokes and willingness to breakout into an improvised musical at any moment and also your brows and I will never turn down another opportunity to sing with my favorite duet partner."

Even when they aren't performing together, though, they're still having a great time making each other laugh.

All-in-all, the more you learn about their relationship, the more you'll totally want to be a member of this family. (Seriously, how does one acquire an invite to their holiday gatherings? Asking for a friend.)

While Gallagher is pretty well known as an actor, having appeared in a variety of TV shows and Broadway productions, Kathryn only has a handful of acting credits to her name, according to her IMDB page. You is by far her biggest project to date and given her memorable performance as Beck's friend (and a badass social media influencer) we could end up be seeing a lot more of her in the years to come. Heck maybe it'll even end up being a father-daughter collaboration. Not that she needs her dad in order to be successful — her talent on You speaks for itself. But now that we know how close the two of them are, it would be guaranteed to hit us right in the feels.