Applebee's "Shark Bowl" Cocktail Comes With A Cute Gummy Shark On Top


For those of us who still emotionally identify as "Left Shark" many moons in the wake of Katy Perry making him an internet sensation at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show, boy howdy, do I have excellent news: Applebee's new "Shark Bowl" cocktail was basically tailor-made for you. The new cocktail is, much like Left Shark, bold, fearless, and a bright electric blue. But per the chain's recent announcement about it on the Applebee's Instagram page, its blueness is merely the tip of the Instagrammable iceberg — it also comes topped with an adorable little gummy shark.

The drink itself is, per Applebee's, made with Captain Morgan, and features a shark with a "different kind of bite". While I personally wouldn't need any more information than that to immediately order one, I respect that some people have standards higher than I do, and for that AOL has your back — the outlet reports that the slushy drink is a mix of tropical flavors, and retails for $7.50 a pop. While it's certainly out of the dollar drink of the month deal's ballpark in terms of price, it still looks like it's definitely worth taking the ~plunge~. Behold this new cocktail in all of its oceanic glory.

Of course, all of your enjoyment of this is contingent on you being a legitimate monster who is willing to bite the head off of this tiny precious baby shark gummy, but Applebee's doesn't have time for your moral compass, Left Shark-er! Just pretend it's the shark that terrorized Blake Lively, or that other shark that terrorized Dwight from The Office, and boom, you're set. (I definitely did not watch these films, in case it was not clear.)

Anyway, if eating the heads off of gummy sharks isn't the vibe you're trying to manifest in 2019, it's Applebee's, so you have other fun options at your disposal. For instance, instead of spending $7.50 on the Shark Bowl cocktail, you could spend $2 on a Captain & Cola, the Applebee's Neighborhood Drink of the Month for January that is — shockingly! — comprised of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Pepsi Cola.


Basically, it's an excellent time to be at Applebee's if you're a fan of Captain Morgan, or nautical-themed drinks in general.

For those of us rocking Dry January — or just rocking a lifelong sweet tooth — it would be remiss not to mention that Applebee's is also the home of some goliath milkshakes in OREO Cookie, chocolate, and strawberry, in addition to both flavored lemonades and frozen lemonades that come swirled with swirled strawberry, mango, or wildberry puree. If you are dehydrated in an Applebee's, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.

Anyway, this has been a PSA that the drinks at Applebee's are still fun and still themed and that this is your perfect opportunity to pretend you are a pirate in adulthood, aside from all the scurvy we might have gotten avoiding romaine in the last few weeks. Ahoy, y'all! And enjoy responsibly.