Apps That Will Make You A Better Person

While it may feel like we've entered a dark nightmare of hate with no light at the end of the tunnel, there has been one good thing to emerge from the new era of the dark ages. A sort of consciousness of the world around us has been awakened with a spotlight placed on the potential of each of our unique impacts. People who never showed up to make their opinions hurt are now coming in droves, sharing what they believe needs to be done. Odds are you are someone, like me, who is trying to figure out how to do the most they can in a world that needs a lot more than a big, group hug. Luckily, there is so much you can do, you can even have a positive impact right from the apps on your phone.

While we have become increasingly "woke," our attachment to our phones has remained. So why not use that to our advantage? Organizations and app creators have noticed the convenience this arrangement can bring and are making it easier than ever to get involved with the causes you care about, right from your phone. Read for for the apps to download now that will make you a better person.

1. Spotfund


Spotfund allows you to donate to causes you care about for as little as a dollar or two. Connect with your friends to match their donations. Earn points with each donation. Share stories filled with text, pictures, and videos about the causes you are giving to in order to encourage their reach. When you read other's stories, you can respond with a dollar donation if inspired to do so.

Spotfund, Free.

2. Headspace


While meditation might seem self-focused at first, it is an extremely important habit to be your best as part of society. When you meditate, your ability to deal with frustration, anxiety, and anger increases, while also improving your empathy and being present in a moment. When you do meditation consistently you become more at peace and, in turn, work towards keeping a more peaceful world.

Headspace, Free Trial.

3. Orange Harp

Orange Harp

Orange Harp partners with businesses creating products that are socially and environmentally conscious. Each item has a completely transparent explanation of who, how and where it was made. Shop knowing that your money is benefiting companies with good values.

Orange Harp, Free.

4. Feedie


If you're like me, odds are you take pictures of your food any time it looks remotely good. Well, thanks to Feedie, an app created by The Lunchbox Fund, you can do good while doing it. When using Feedie at participating restaurants, they download to The Lunchbox fund, which provides meals to students in South Africa. The app even provides map to locate these restaurants.

Feedie, Free.

5. One Today

One Today

One Today presents you with a new non-profit every day and provides the story of how it's helping the world. You then have the ability to donate one dollar to whichever organizations inspire you.

One Today, Free.

6. MicroHero


This app might be the most entertaining of them all. MicroHelp asks users to answer survey questions in exchange for donations to the causes they care about. For each question you answer, more money will be donated. It's paid for by companies conducting or those in need of quick answers from a large audience.

MicroHelp, Free.

7. Donate A Photo

Donate A Photo

This Johnson & Johnson created app, trades photos for donations. Set up in an Instagram-style format, each photo you post is designated to a cause of your choice. The company then donates one dollar to that cause. All without any money out of pocket for you.

Donate A Photo, Free.

8. Charity Miles

Charity Miles

Stop waiting for that charity 5K to happen and start earning money for your favorite causes right now. Charity Miles allows you to walk, run, or bike to earn money for a variety of causes. Finally, a reason not to hop on the metro and walk the ten blocks instead.

Charity Miles, Free.

9. ShareTheMeal


ShareTheMeal was created by the World Food Programme as a way for users to easily donate meals to people in need. For just $0.50 you can feed a child for an entire day. You can track exactly where your donation went and see the impact you're having.

ShareTheMeal, Free.

It can feel overwhelmingly when trying to determine how to have the greatest impact. With apps like these, that process can become quite a bit easier. Download one and give it a try, you may just end up making the world a better place.