These Apps Are Perfect For Any And All Horror Fans

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If you're obsessed with horror movies and horror stories, and if you look forward to Halloween every year because it's the one time of year you finally feel like you can show your true colors, there's an app for that. Once upon a time, when we were kids, horror stories were only in books and on the screen. But now, they're on our phones. The app store is literally flooded with creepy content, proving that you're not the only one who loves being terrified and also that you've got a lot of reading to do. Seriously, there are thousands of fear-inspiring apps that are filled with spooky stories and interactive narratives.

You won't possibly grow tired of these apps during the Halloween season, so stop pretending you only like to be scared a few weeks out of the year. Download some scary apps now, because you know you were waiting for an excuse to. Here are a few of my favorite scary apps. They're a good mix of fun, entertaining, and nightmare inducing. Plus, I've sprinkled a few games in there because a good interactive horror game is nothing more than an interactive story that you get to be involved in — from the safety of the other side of your phone.

Hooked — Chat Stories


This app literally lets you watch a text conversation take place in which something totally horrifying is happening. It's very 2017.

Interactive Horror Stories


This app lets you choose your own scary adventure. Hint: they're all horrible and horrifying.

Creepypasta Stories


This paranormal scary story database is also a community for people who love the spooks just as much as you do.

Horror Hospital


This might be a game, but it will scare the crap out of you whether you're paying attention and expecting it or not.

Ghost Stories


This app is filled with tons of free ghost stories — in alphabetical order.

NoSleep Stories


These scary stories are both fiction and non fiction. But the app won't tell you what's real and what isn't. You'll just have to figure it out.

Scream House Roleplay


Want to write your own horror stories? This is the app for you. It gives you all the tools you need to tell the scariest story you didn't know you knew. And connect with new friends and fans.

The Fear


This game is twisted — it's like a classic horror story built into a game.

Sinister Edge 3D Game


If you're into VR, this game is for you. It's got intense graphics and a very full and immersive experience.

The Midnight Man: Remastered


Um, OK this is terrifying. This super horrifying game has some unfortunately realistic graphics that will make you deeply uncomfortable in the best way.