April Fools' Day Pranks To Play In Your Office

by Kaitlyn Wylde

All work and no play makes Jane a very dull girl, all work and no play makes Jane a very dull girl... you get the picture. Which is exactly why Jane needs to think up some April Fools' Day pranks to play on her office in 2017. One day a year, we get a certifiable calendar-backed day to make jokes and play pranks. So if you work in an office where you very rarely get to see your co-workers personalities because you've always got your noses in your work, Apr. 1 is the day to shake things up.

Be bold, be brave, be the one to make some harmless pranks that make people laugh — without screwing up their work, of course, because the last thing you want to do is create an issue in the office or inhibit workflow. All you want to do is add a little silly reprieve to everyone's day. Especially if you have a typically quiet office, or aren't that close with your co-workers, playing a prank can make things feel more friendly and break the ice — so long as it's not a mean prank.

Here are a few mostly boss-friendly pranks that you might want to consider playing on your office this April Fools' Day 2017:

Meat Cake

There's nothing more exciting than a cake in the break room. So make your coworkers a cake, but one without any sugar. Think, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, tomatoes — you get the picture.

Empty Snacks

Empty out some snack bags and puff them up with air so they look full. Leave them out on the snack tables and listen to people sigh all day.

Musical Chairs

Pick a co-worker who you think can handle being singled out. Every time they leave their desk, swap their chair out with someone else.

Cupcake Glue

Make your co-workers some cupcakes, but glue the wrappers to the bottom of the tray. Listen as people fumble over them all day and check out how many people dig the cupcake out of the wrapper.

Holy Cups

With a little needle or safety pin, poke tiny little holes in a few water cups in the break room.

Empty Gift

Leave a gift wrapped empty box on one of your co-worker's desks. Don't say anything else about it.

Phantom Cat

Download the sound of a cat meowing on your phone and play it from one corner of the office all day. You'll have people searching for a phantom cat in no time.

Voice Operated

Leave a typed note on an appliance that says "this is now voice activated," and listen on as your co-workers scream into the toaster or elevator.

Surprise Treats

Remember those snack bags you emptied out earlier? Now, swap in the crackers and chips for your co-workers pens and pencils on their desk.

Turn Around

Simple, all you have to do is leave a sticky note on your co-workers desk while they're not looking that says "Turn around." It will freak them out all day.