Last Minute April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Your Friends

Whether you're a natural-born prankster, or simply a fan of all excuses to get a laugh out of your friends, you're going to want to know a few last-minute April Fools' Day pranks to play on your friends in 2017 — because let's be real, we could all use a good laugh. We're living in a time when on any given day, there's a good chance something tragic is happening in the world.

Living in these conditions is stressful and discerning. So now more than ever, we're drawn to comic relief. So, this year, don't miss out on an opportunity to have a good laugh with your friends. There are plenty of PG pranks that will give you and your friends something to smile about, without having to take it too far.

No one wants to be the subject of a mean-spirited or malicious prank; April Fools' Day is all about lighthearted humor and having a non-serious day that reminds us to keep the inner child alive. So put your playful hat on and make April 1 a fun day for you and your friends. Here are a few super last-minute pranks for those of you that did not have the time to plan ahead for this April Fools' Day:

It's Me, Mom

Ask your friend to borrow their phone to make a call. Immediately head to their contacts and swap your name with their mom's. Wait a little while before you start your prank so that it's not obvious — but then start texting your friend very "un-mom-like" things.

Dough-Not Prank

Do your friends love doughnuts? Of course they do. Get a value size box from your favorite doughnut joint and fill it with lettuce or your vegetable of choice. Close it tightly and present it to your friends. Watch as their smiles fade when they open the box.

Toothpaste Cookie Sandwiches

Nothing is more delicious than a homemade chipwich. Sandwich two chocolate chip cookies together with some minty white tooth paste and let your friends figure out its not ice cream.

Plastic Trap

Get some plastic wrap and neatly stretch it across a doorway that your friend is likely to walk through. If you're careful, you can reuse the wrap and try it on someone else. Because let's be real, you want to prank as many people as possible.

Toothpaste Swap

This prank is so sweet, it's almost a favor. Fill your friend's toothpaste tube with white frosting. They might not even notice the difference at first.

Cracked Glass

There's nothing worse than cracking the screen of your iPhone. Ask to borrow your friends phone and download a cracked glass image and set it to their lock screen. For dramatic affect you can pretend to drop the phone before handing it back to them.

Spike The Milk

With just one little tube of food coloring, you can wreck tons of havoc. Add a few drops of your favorite color to your friend's milk carton. It's totally safe and will definitely freak them out.

Alarming Prank

Borrow your friend's phone and set a few alarm clocks. One at 3 a.m., another at 3:30 a.m. They will definitely be mad at you initially, but you might laugh about it later together.

Excuse Me

Here's what you'll need: some hair gel, and a great fake sneeze. Get behind your friend while they're walking or working, or least expecting it. Let out a fake sneeze and throw the handful of hair gel at their neck or back. Don't forget to say "excuse me."

A Classic

Personally, I think fart jokes are endlessly hilarious. Get yourself a Whoopee Cushion and just throw it down where ever you can.