April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Your Significant Other In 2017


Apr. 1 isn’t just the mark of a new month. It’s also April Fools’ Day — a day when you get to pull practical jokes on your friends, family, co-workers, and significant others. While pulling pranks on your partner can be tricky, we all know a sense of humor is crucial to any relationship. So why not celebrate the day by sharing a few laughs? Luckily, I have a few hilarious ideas for the perfect April Fools’ Day pranks you can play on your significant other.

The following ideas are all for simple, easy, and most importantly, harmless pranks. After all, there’s a fine line between being funny and being hurtful. You want to make your significant other laugh, not end up in tears. These tricks will cause some exasperated eye-rolling and hopefully a few chuckles, but nothing more serious than that. And who knows? Your partner may even be inspired to get in on the mischief themselves.

So browse the options below, choose your favorite one (or few), and get to work prankin’. Oh, and make sure to watch your own back both at work and at home. As your significant other is about to find out, no one is safe on April Fools’ Day!

1. “Freeze” Their Phone's Home Screen


Is there anything more frustrating than when your iPhone suddenly stops working? Drive your significant other crazy by tricking them into believing that their phone’s home screen is frozen. How? Take a screenshot of their home page. Then drag the apps from their homepage to another screen before setting that screenshot as their new wallpaper. That way, when they tap their apps, nothing will happen. Get full instructions here.

2. Move The Clocks An Hour Ahead


Set all the clocks an hour ahead and adjust your partner’s alarm accordingly. When they wake up and start getting ready, tell them the real time. But before they have a chance to get mad, tell them you’ll be making (or taking them out for) a good breakfast. That way, you’ll actually get some quality time out of that extra hour.

3. Fill Their iPhone With Cats


Use iPhoneception in your partner’s phone browser to replace all their apps with photos of kittens. When they open their phone, they’ll get a (cute!) surprise.

4. Hide A Rubber Spider In Their Drawer


Tuck a rubber spider or snake (or another creepy animal) into your partner’s drawer. When they reach in for a pair of socks or a clean t-shirt, they’ll get a hilarious shock.

5. Leave A Dummy Or Mannequin In Their Bed


If your partner can handle a good scare, try this prank: get a dummy, mannequin or some other kind of doll and tuck it into bed next to them. Then gently tap your significant other awake from the side where the mannequin is laying. When they roll over and open their eyes, they’ll get an unexpected wake up call. Just make sure you’re also nearby to assure them it’s all a joke.

6. Mess With Their Shower


There are a couple of silly and easy tricks you can pull off to give your partner a memorable April Fools' Day shower. First, cover a bar of soap in clear nail polish and let dry completely. Then leave it in the shower — when your partner tries to use it, the soap won’t lather, no matter how much they scrub. You can also cut a piece of cellophane and place it under the cap in their shampoo or body wash. When they try to squeeze the product out of the bottle, nothing will come out. But one word of advice: don’t try these if your significant other has a busy morning, as it could make them run a few minutes late.

7. Switch Out Their Deodorant


Get your April Fools' trick in early with this easy deodorant-swapping trick. If your partner uses a stick bar for deodorant, cut about a half-inch off the top and fill it in with cream cheese. It’ll give a whole new meaning to sticky armpits.

8. Get A Bad Temporary Tattoo


Give your partner a shock by showing them your new, so-called tattoo. Pick one that you know your significant other won’t like, whether it’s a bizarre graphic, a meaningless symbol, or even their name. When they get worked up, reveal it’s just temporary and watch the relief flood their faces!