Adam & Zara's Post 'Love Island' Relationship Is Already Intense AF

by Louise McCreesh

Love Island viewers were pretty shocked when serial dater Adam Collard was dumped from the villa on Friday night. And, before that, they were even more surprised when he called things off with fellow dumpee Darylle Sargeant whilst in the villa before he had the chance to became outright overlord of the Do Bits Society. But, as Adam explained to Darylle, he just couldn't quite get Zara McDermott off his mind. So now he's left the villa, are Adam and Zara together? And, if so, what's next for the pair?

In a word, yes. The Sun reports the fledging couple have been spotted kissing and holding hands since Adam exited the show last week. He's also uploaded pics of them kissing on Instagram. In one picture of the pair posing together, he wrote: "I've already won." So it seems things are definitely back on.

However, it hasn't all been smooth sailing. On Sunday, Adam was made to face the music over his temporary stop gap with Darylle during his much-anticipated appearance on Love Island's weekly companion talkshow AfterSun. Pretty soon after trying to explain his problematic AF Love Island behaviour, Adam went on to reveal that he not only still had feelings for Zara, but that he was already in love with her. He said: "I totally love Zara. The problem is I won the show too early, when I met Zara. I do love her."

So, it appears the ice king have melteth. Gasp.

First comes love, but what's next for Adam and Zara?

Well, they can definitely check "meeting the parents" off their lists, as Adam revealed on ITV's This Morning earlier this week that he and Zara have already met each other's mum and dad, and won their seal of approval. "We've met both sets of parents," he said.

Speaking to presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Adam also revealed the pair have shared two dates since leaving Love Island. The Geordie personal trainer also let slip that he already told Zara he loves her before that AfterSun appearance, so it seems she has totally forgiven him for his dalliance with Darylle and the pair are officially an item.

Seriously? He could charm from the birds from the trees, this dude.

But, what about the Darylle thing? Well, Adam was quizzed on that too and here's what he had to say: "I knew when I coupled up with Darylle I was lying to myself. And when Caroline [Flack] asked if I'd couple up with Darylle even if Zara was still there and I said yes, I think she knew I wasn't being truthful. This [thing with Zara and I] is serious."

So, has the Love Island villa's serial dater handed in his notice and retired from the Do Bits Society for good?

Well, earlier this week, Adam was accused of exchanging flirty texts with his former Love Island interest, Rosie Williams. The news was a little surprising to fans who had previously watched Adam smirk his way through Rosie's heartbreak, but it seems it was all a case of hearsay.

As revealed by Adam on Twitter, the pair have indeed been texting, but — unbelievably — it was just about putting their history to bed and concentrating on moving forward and being friends.

She's a much more forgiving woman that me, that Rosie.

Whatever happens next with Adam and Zara remains to be seen, but there is hope and prior evidence that suggests the pair can make it work for good. Indeed, last year's Love Island contestants Jess Shears and Dom Lever were also dumped from the villa pretty early on, and they're now due to be married later year, reports The Mirror.

So, will Zara and Adam last? It's probably too early to tell — but good luck to the pair, I say. Watch this space.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.