How 'Vanderpump's Ariana & Tom Are Doing After Those Cheating Rumors

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Reality television isn't always the most... conducive environment for a successful relationship. Many couples have gone down in flames over the years due to the constant scrutiny and often-encouraged drama, while others, however, have thrived. Fans never stop wondering, though, no matter how long it's been since the romance blossomed. Bravo's Vanderpump Rules is no exception to these kinds of relationships, leaving many still obsessed and asking — are Tom & Ariana from Vanderpump Rules together in 2018?

All signs point to "yes" — for now, though the details have been scarce since the new year. As recently as late December, Tom was still sharing photos of Ariana on his Instagram account, and he was also featured on her feed earlier in the same month. They've also interacted on Twitter as recently as last week, with Ariana asking if any fan could make a gif of her and Tom dancing, and Tom retweeting the adorable results. Though these kinds of romances have the tendencies to change at the drop of a hat, and despite the fact that some rumors of infidelity have come up over the years, Tom and Ariana are apparently still going strong after several years together. The duo sat down with Us Weekly to discuss the new episodes of Vanderpump Rules, which premiered on Dec. 4, and they seem dedicated to one another even though they said they've had to jump some hurdles this season.

"In any relationships, you have ups and downs, and disagreements," Tom told the magazine, adding that especially with the drama that constantly exists around them involving coworkers and friends, he and Ariana don't always take the same side in conflicts. "Sometimes little things become big things. And they can take on a life of themselves." Ariana agreed that there had been some struggles, but that her future with Tom remained at the forefront of what she wanted. "I know that’s what I was really feeling [this season] — really struggling a lot with some things I dealt with in my past," she said in the same interview. "And trying to move forward and create a future for myself, and create a future with Tom. That, I feel like was my biggest hurdle to overcome this season."

Tom also started a new venture in the past year — the opening of a restaurant and bar, according to the same Us Weekly interview — that could easily add strain to the two's dynamic, but Ariana has apparently been nothing but supportive. "Honestly, I can’t wait for it to be done so I can hang out there. I’m really excited for him. It’s a really good creative outlet for him and it’s something he’s always wanted. I think it’s really great and bodes really well for our future as a couple, and for him on his own," she said. "Of course, I was also a little frustrated at times because we also have a project that we’re working on together. It took a lot of time away from that. We still really need to get that completed. But, at the same time, it’s like when you say 'I’m so busy. I’m so busy.' It’s a good thing. You know what I mean? It’s a good problem to have."

The two have also collaborated on a cocktail book together, testing the relationship even more, as the more a couple works together professionally, the more strain they risk adding. But, Ariana said the pair have a good working dynamic, feeding off of each other and valuing each other's opinions. "I think what’s cool is that we’re both really supportive of each other’s projects," she said in the same Us Weekly piece. Now that we’re doing the book together, I feel like it’s a really fun for us to be creative together. I think it’s really cool."

While they certainly still exist in a realm where long-lasting relationships are scarce, Tom and Ariana seem to have found something that works for them, and Vanderpump Rules fans are lucky enough to be along for the ride.