'Bach's Ashley & JP Are Still Relationship Goals

by Hannah Shapiro
Victor Chavez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In The Bachelor world there will always be certain couples that are favorites among the fans and contestants. Couples that make you believe in love, even a love found on TV and watched by millions. Bachelorette stars Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are one of those couples. They have an adorable family, a house in Florida, and seem grounded despite the publicity surrounding their relationship. While The Bachelor franchise used to only hold up Trista and Ryan Sutter as the golden standard, the show now uses Ashley and JP as another example of success (among others). But, recently, the couple went on a show known to feature couples who may be in trouble. Are Ashley and JP still together after Marriage Boot Camp? Don't worry, the couple is still reality TV love goals.

It is a bit surprising, though, to see this couple back on TV. They've told Bustle in the past that they want to focus on their family off camera. As a popular product of a hit show, it's not shocking though that they finally caved and returned to the small screen. While Marriage Boot Camp promises drama, I think Ashley and JP will come out of it all just fine.

Despite being on a show that promises it "will break these couples down in order to build them back up" this Bachelorette couple seem stronger than ever. The pair have built quite a life together including an ever-growing, picture-perfect family. Ashley and JP have two kids, Fordham and Essex, who enjoy such activities as playtime, snack time, and watching The Bachelor. Cute family photos post-Marriage Boot Camp show that this family is sticking together despite any drama the show will no doubt feature.

Not only do Ashley and JP have two adorable kids, they also have built a life together in Miami. The two relocated from New York to Miami, buying a house and settling down in warmer weather a few years back. Other than interviews here and there and a short stint on Marriage Boot Camp, the couple stays out of the spotlight. Except for posting really cute photos of their children. Both have full times careers, friends, and a life outside of The Bachelor world. It's why they seem stable, no matter what they say or do on TV occasionally. According to her Twitter bio, Ashley works as a pediatric dentist and JP does real estate development, according to LinkedIn. Both are still in the fields they were in when they entered the reality TV world. And that's impressive.

I would take everything you watch on Marriage Boot Camp with a grain of salt. Promos promise tears and drama but I think this happy family is more about pizza and smiles in real life.