Here's An Austen & Victoria Relationship Update For All You Curious 'Southern Charm' Fans

Paul Cheney/Bravo

Austen and Chelsea were one of those couples on Southern Charm that you just wanted to root for. They had chemistry, and they got along so well, so it was a total bummer when they broke up, especially because soon after, Austen started dating Victoria, one of Chelsea’s friends. But still, Chelsea got over it, and Austen and Victoria started a relationship. But are Austen and Victoria still together after Southern Charm? A phone call and a trip to Hilton Head and it seems like these two lovebirds are in jeopardy.

To get this out of the way, it’s cool that Chelsea was able to set aside her broken heart and embrace or at least accept that her ex-boyfriend was dating one of her good friends. You’re a good egg, Chelsea, because I don’t know that I could have done the same. But I’m sure she got it — Austen broke up with Victoria the first time to give him and Chelsea another chance, and if Chelsea wanted it, she could have gone for it. It’s cool now. It’s over. Victoria, for the record, isn’t a pushover either — when she and Austen got back together, she was all like, "you’re gonna hurt me once and only once, so get your act together." Austen said things like, “I apologize for my indecision” and “I only want you,” and then they smooched, sealing the deal and starting over.

But now we’re running onto some rough seas — literally. On the May 31 episode of Southern Charm, Chelsea, Austen, Naomie, and some more of the gang were in Chelsea’s hometown of Hilton Head, South Carolina, and they went crabbing. Pretty standard island life stuff. On the boat ride on the way back, Chelsea and Austen were sitting with each other, squished close to combat the freezing breezes. It was raining and chilly, so it couldn’t have been pleasant. Later, Victoria called to chew Austen out about being disrespectful to her because of the way he was sitting with Chelsea — she had saw the pair on an Instagram story, and Victoria deemed it disrespectful to her and claimed that Chelsea was kissing Austen’s shoulder. Austen did his best to calm her down, but she wasn’t having it. And then he said she was jealous. It wasn’t a great conversation.

Flashforward to today, and it does not seem like Victoria and Austen’s relationship survived much past that conversation. Victoria’s social media is private, but Austen’s is blessedly not, and he is currently dating someone else. He has moved on, finding love with a woman named Madison LeCroy. They ride bikes around Charleston, and they seem to go to brunch a lot. At least, that’s what it looks like on his Instagram.

While the only two people who really know what happened between Austen and Victoria are Austen and Victoria, it's possible that Austen’s closeness to his ex-girlfriend helped to drive them apart. On one hand, Victoria’s insecurities make sense — Austen broke up with her for Chelsea once before. On the other hand, Austen vowed that he only wanted to date Victoria and told her that he would remain faithful to her, and at some point, you just have to let go and trust the person you’re with. It’s a tough spot, because it’s easy to get jealous. It’s human nature to have those feelings, and it’s hard not to let them overtake you, especially if you have a specific cause for concern.

Victoria and Austen have both moved on, and hopefully, they are both happy in the new phases of their respective lives. Maybe Chelsea and Victoria even mended fences! No man is worth losing a friend, so all is well that ends well on Southern Charm.