There Are Clear Signs Becca & Lauren Aren’t Close Post-‘Bachelor

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Even though it happens every season, it's always a little bit surprising when contestants from The Bachelor end up becoming close friends after "dating" the same guy. A lot of the cast members hang out and share posts on social media, but there's one unanswered question from the current season ofThe Bachelor: Are Becca and Lauren friends? They are the final two contestants in the running for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s final rose, so they do have this journey in common, but are things too close for comfort for them to be friends?

After an extensive social media investigation, it's safe to conclude that Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham are not close. Becca doesn't follow Lauren on Instagram and Lauren doesn't follow Becca. They do not follow each other on Twitter. They have no social media connection. Considering how many accounts people follow on Twitter, from celebrities to acquaintances to friends of friends, the fact that these are two women from the same reality show season and they don't follow each other is pretty telling.

It's an especially glaring sign when Becca and Lauren both follow the other contestants and have shared photos with them. Becca, Tia Booth, and Caroline Lunny have formed a pretty solid trio. And Lauren has shared professional photos of herself with Jacqueline Trumbull.

Even so, it doesn't seem like there's complete animosity between them. They have both uploaded behind-the-scenes photos from the season and did not crop each other out. They even tagged each other in photos and double tapped for a "like," so they are at least aware of each other's Instagram handles even if they are not following each other.

As of this moment, they haven't mentioned each other in tweets or Instagram captions and neither of them have done interviews, since they're both currently still featured on the season that's airing. They haven't even really talked about each other during the show's on-camera interviews, but that is most likely going to change when the finale airs.

People shared a preview for the upcoming Bachelor finale. Becca looks to the camera and admits, "This entire process Arie keeps saying that I’ve seemed so confident, but the fact is, I internally am freaking out because there is one other girl here still. And she is a huge threat to me."

Apparently, that wasn't the first time Becca admitted that Lauren had a strong connection with Arie. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, sixth place suitor Seinne Flemming said, "I knew when [Lauren] got the second one-on-one date in Italy two weeks in a row, he really likes her," which makes sense, but apparently Becca felt the same way when Lauren got two solo dates in a row.

Seinne shared, "Becca K. hadn't really made a comment about anyone else going on one-on-one dates, but when she saw him with Lauren, she felt uncomfortable." Seinne added, "She felt their connection as well."

Of course, that was months ago and now both women are far-removed from the show and they are no longer competing with other women for roses. They've also been pretty public about their Bachelor friendships, so if they are friends, they would probably post some photos together — or at least follow each other on Instagram. There are plenty of final two contestants who do.

Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi, the last women standing on Nick Viall's Bachelor season, follow each other's accounts and like photos. Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher from Ben Higgins' season are also connected on Instagram. Even though it has to be awkward to be friendly with someone your now-ex-boyfriend almost proposed to, it is possible to be friends, or at least friend-ish.

Both Becca and Lauren have been sharing photos with Arie for the past couple weeks. That has to be very awkward on top of the fact that Arie told both of them he loved them (several) times during the overnight dates episode.

Maybe it's just too much too soon to see photos of each other on Instagram and they are privately corresponding away from social media. They've been remained relatively low key while the season has been airing, which is customary since the contestants do not usually do interviews until their time on the show is done.

Now that the season is almost finally over, more will be revealed and there's no doubt that Becca and Lauren will be asked questions about each other in almost every interview and more information will be revealed.