This 'Riverdale' Theory Would Make A Lot Of Sense

by Lindsey Kupfer
Bettina Strauss/The CW

There's a super wild theory going around the internet about Riverdale, and we need to talk about it. The theory is that Betty and Polly Cooper are the same person. I know, I know. It seems like a pretty crazy twist, but there have been a lot of clues alluding to the idea since the Riverdale season premiere that actually back up the theory. Before you dismiss it, just remember that this is the CW, and weirder stuff has happened on their other shows in the past.

Despite this theory running rampant on the internet, Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) denied that it was true to Comicbook.com:

"I know tonight’s episode may allude to that, but truly, it’s just a moment of mental break, which I think everyone can relate to. She doesn’t actually have a split personality, she’s not actually schizophrenic, which is something that people have thought after seeing episode 3. She cares about her sister so much, and the fact that something so terrible happened to her sister causes her to kind of break down and go into defense mode."

They’ve also casted Tiera Skovbye to play Polly, and the preview makes it seem like we’re going finally going to meet her this week, so this theory may be dead on arrival. But the clues are undeniable that something weird is happening between the two sisters.

1. Betty’s “Writing Camp” Is A Mystery

We know that Betty was away all summer, and we're meant to think it was for a "writing camp" where she met Toni Morrison. But what if she wasn't there? What if she was really at a group home like Polly is supposed to be at? Betty's life pre-Veronica is still a complete mystery to us.

2. They've Got A Thing For Redheads

Dean Buscher /The CW

Polly and Betty, if they're different people, are definitely into the same type of guys. I mean, when Archie puts on Jason's football uniform, they basically look like the same person. If Polly and Betty were the same person, it would explain why Betty is so in love with Archie.

3. Betty's Obsessed With Finding Out What Happened To Jason

I know that this show is about solving the murder of Jason Blossom and Betty is a part of that, but she seems like the most hellbent on figuring out what happened. She kind of seems a little too obsessed with it. It's suspicious.

4. She Transformed Into Polly During The Revenge

No one can forget that super freaky revenge scene with Betty, Veronica, Chuck, and the hot tub. For a moment, Betty was consumed by it all and called herself Polly. The next day, when Veronica tried to bring it up, Betty had no recollection of the incident, which could suggest multiple personalities. Veronica even commented that it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Freaky.

5. That Suspicious Home Video

How about Mr. Cooper watching home videos of Polly downstairs? She definitely looked like Betty would as a child, and she was alone. The home video could have been of Betty and Polly together, but it wasn't. We have yet to see any evidence that there's actually two of them.

6. Her Mom’s Erratic Behavior

Dean Buscher /The CW

Her mom has a serious vendetta against everyone in town. She doesn't want Betty hanging out with anyone and gets pretty crazy about it. What's her beef with Archie and Veronica? It could be that she doesn't want what happened to Polly to happen to Betty, but something is definitely fishy about it all.

7. That Weird Lipstick Scene


There was that scene where Betty channeled her inner Polly by using her lipstick. The camera showed her in a double reflection in the mirror before her mom came in and wiped it off her lips. Maybe the double reflection was hinting at her split personalities.

8. The Creepy Grandma


I know that the Blossom family is super weird and that grandma may not be all there in the head, but she seemed pretty damn certain that Betty and Polly were the same person. What is up with that?

9. We Haven’t Seen Her At All

It’s suspicious that there are no photos of Polly around the house that have been shown on camera. Most of the series has revolved around Jason and Polly, and no one seems to have a current picture on any walls in the Cooper house or even in Jason’s bedroom. Not to mention, Polly doesn't seem to have any friends at the school who seem concerned about her whereabouts.

Reinhart can deny it all she wants, but there’s some twisted connection between Betty and Polly.