Why Blake & Kristina Could Actually Be Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

John Fleenor/ABC

Thanks to social media, Bachelor in Paradise has gotten a lot more complicated. Not necessarily because it's harder to keep spoilers from leaking, but because it's made it even easier for contestants to interact and get to know one another before filming. That's what happened with Blake and Kristina before BiP Season 6. They hooked up at Stagecoach (which seems like a Bachelor breeding ground at this point), and then ended up on the show together. So far, their relationship on the show has been kind of all over the place, but due to a recent turn in events, it's possible Blake and Kristina are together after Bachelor In Paradise... however, they have a few things to work through first.

Despite their history, Kristina and Blake have always maintained that they are better as friends, and have been giving each other "friendship roses" throughout the season because they both think the other deserves to find love... with someone else. However, Blake recently confessed to Kristina that he actually has real feelings for her, and he seemed eager to give things another try. So, whether or not they're together now kind of depends on if Kristina reciprocates.

As for any evidence, the only slight clue that Blake and Kristina are together after BiP filming comes from Kristina's Instagram. Back in August, Kristina posted a picture of her and Blake in a dune buggy from an earlier date in Paradise. The caption? "buckle up 'cause it's gonna be a wild ride."

Now, that's not really a lot to go off of. This was posted around the time of the premiere episode, so she could have just been referencing all the drama between her, Blake, and Caelynn that kicked off the season. But it's also the only photo she's posted from her time in Paradise, and the finale is next week. So it could be Kristina's sly way of saying that her and Blake's relationship hit some bumps — and boy, has it ever — but that ultimately, they were able to smooth things over. They look happy in that picture, don't they? It could be a good thing.

Of course, Kristina probably has some trust issues to work through with Blake. Though their relationship was casual, he was dating — or at least talking to — a bunch of other Bachelor women at the same time, and he didn't tell her about it until afterward, which she was understandably upset about. The two seem to be in a good place now, but that's not something you just forget about. Plus, Blake suddenly proclaiming his feelings seemed kind of out of nowhere, and could be read as a disingenuous effort to stay on the show after clearly not meeting anyone else.

Not only does Kristina have to decipher all of that, but she has to figure out if she feels the same way about Blake, and if those feelings are worth exploring. We'll just have to keep watching to see where her heart lands.