Both Beckys Are In This 'Roseanne' Reboot Photo & You're Going To Have So. Many. Questions.

ABC; carramrod22/Twitter

If you've already watched the teaser trailer for the upcoming Roseanne reboot and you're freaking out, just you wait — it gets even better. Yes, Dan (aka John Goodman) will be alive, and that's exciting in and of itself. But you may be wondering which Becky will appear in the Roseanne reboot, slated to air on Tuesday, March 27. Well, in a behind-the-scenes photo of the cast from ABC, you'll see that both actors who played Becky on the original series are there. But hold on, it may not be exactly what you think.

Your eyes are not deceiving you — Sarah Chalke and Lecy Goranson both appear on the couch alongside their famous TV family. Yet in a press release on ABC's site, it's revealed that Goranson will be the one playing Becky Conner-Healy (that hyphenated name is because she married Mark, remember?). The same press release notes, "Sarah Chalke, who played the character Becky in later seasons, will also appear in another role."

So, who will Chalke play? While it's not initially clear, there's no way the same series that made a joke about Becky leaving on the original show would overlook this opportunity now. (For instance, when Goranson returned to the series in a later season, Roseanne and Darlene asked her where the hell she'd been.) It makes it all the more likely they'll throw in some sort of nod to the fact that they both played the same Conner daughter at varying times.

ABC/Adam Rose

As you'll see in the compilation clip below from iiAFX's YouTube page, the whole Becky swap was actually referenced a few times. True fans know it's a long-running gag for the series.

Regardless of how they pay tribute to the double Becky phenomenon, fans on Twitter haven't overlooked this fact or all the questions that arise.

Is This The Twilight Zone?

It was revealed in the polarizing then-series finale that Dan had actually died and Roseanne rewrote her family's history. However, the reboot is overlooking this fact and bringing Dan back.

Fans Are Demanding Answers

Seriously, how? How will this actually work out?

This Person Offered A Great Solution

Sure, this isn't the direction they chose to take the plot. But it would have been hilarious if it was a Full House situation where they alternated throughout scenes.

And Another Raised An Amusing Point

It's truly an impressive feat, TBH.

People Were Pumped

The punctuation choice speaks for itself.

It Brought Pure Joy

Getting to see both actors return is the ultimate gift to fans. Plus, how could they possibly have chosen between them and only let one come back?

There Are Even More Questions

Most of these questions are tied to the confusing finale. Basically, there's a lot to address here.

Seriously, So Many

A lot to process here.

This Theory Sounds Highly Unlikely

No, D.J. probably is not married to Chalke's character. But at least this fan tried to connect the dots... sort of?

Again, Valid Question

But nope, it's still an ABC series. No science-fiction here.

As for what else fans can expect, the first episode of the reboot will be an hour long, according to ABC's press release After that, they'll be standard half-hour episodes. Not only will the Beckys and Dan be back, but Sara Gilbert is returning as Darlene, Michael Fishman as D.J., and Laurie Metcalf as Jackie. Plus, characters like Beverly, Nancy, and Crystal are making a comeback. And of course, it would not and could not be the same show without Roseanne Barr.

So brace yourselves, there are only a few more months 'til the Conners return to your TV screen. And lucky for you, you'll get double the Beckys — even if one is playing a different role this time around.