All The Times Rachel Revealed She's Still Obsessed With Her Fiance

Paul Hebert/ABC

The season finale of The Bachelorette is here, and Rachel Lindsay has chosen Miami chiropractor Bryan Abasolo to be her truly, dearly beloved. He proposed to her in some beautiful Spanish setting, and, as of the end credits of The Bachelorette, the two were destined to be wed. But since that was a few months ago, I think it’s appropriate to ask this question: Are Rachel and Bryan still together after The Bachelorette?

This could be just an echo chamber in my head, but now that I see that Rachel chose Bryan, it was so obvious that she was going to choose him all along. He got the first impression rose, he got the first kiss, and when Rachel’s family wasn’t, as Rachel would say, 100 on Bryan during the family meet-and-greet, she was obviously unhappy. Then, you have the point of all of the interviews Rachel has been doing as the show has been airing. Rachel recently told the Hollywood Reporter, “I’m happy and that's all that really matters to me. And he's happy too." Reading between the lines here, this says, “I’m really happy and I don’t care what anyone says.”


Rachel expanded on this later:

"Eric, Bryan and Peter have all faced negativity in their own way. And you can never really prepare for it, because we're thrown into this public view and people all have their own opinions. And they've all faced it, and my fiancé definitely has as well. I think he's handling it in the best way he can."

To me, this translates to Rachel being with a guy that everyone may not have loved at first. Rachel also told Ashley Iaconetti for Access Hollywood that she wants to get married before the end of 2018, so that definitely means that she and Bryan are still together. They’ve faced some opposition and a little bit of controversy, but it seems like this couple is making headway and are ready to tie the knot very soon.