Wow, It's Possible That Camille & Dorit Might STILL Be Fighting About 'RHOBH' Dog Drama

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

With so many personalities on shows like Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, it's no wonder that some of the women just plain don't get along. It's like any other job — at some point, you're going to find a coworker that you absolutely cannot stand. Camille Grammer Meyer and Dorit Kemsley seem to be these two women on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. These two women just don't vibe, onscreen or off. And Dorit and Camille's 2019 friendship doesn't sound any better, frankly, than their 2018 one (and probably their 2020 one, too).

On Season 10 of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Dorit's real first hangout with Camille was when Dorit, who could have been slightly drunk, jokingly called Camille the c-word in front of a large group of people, cast members and spouses included. It was possibly the most awkward moment of the season, and it didn't set the tone for their relationship to come. “She hurt my feelings, it was inappropriate, and it wasn’t a great time. She embarrassed me. The c-word — it’s just nasty. It’s a nasty word," Camille said shortly after the incident.

Now, a bad beginning doesn't mean a bad end — Kyle and Camille had an ugly start, and Kyle was in Camille's October 2018 wedding. But... things aren't going so well with Camille and Dorit. Usually, the Housewives save the drama for the cameras, so you know it's bad when they're fighting and no one is filming them. That's what happened at Andy Cohen's baby shower. Cohen told People that during his lovely little January 2019 lunch, he saw Dorit and Camille sparring at the far end of the table. “I said, ‘Ladies, shut it down. Save it for the reunion!’ And they did seem to shut it down," Cohen said.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills was wrapped or nearly done with filming at Cohen's shower (Camille's wedding took place in October 2018, and it was just featured on the show, so that's the timeline we're working with here), so there must be some serious dirt between these two women if they're so angry with each other still. Camille has taken Lisa Vanderpump's side in the whole #PuppyGate scandal, and according to Erika Jayne's appearance on E!'s Just A Sip podcast, Camille does something "dirty" to Dorit in regards to the dog drama.

We haven't seen it yet, but what are the odds that these women are still fighting about Lucy Lucy Apple Juice? They're pretty good. Oh, and right now, Camille is even accusing the other Housewives of ganging up on her, so it doesn't seem like she's getting along with anyone these days. And especially not Dorit.

At this point, it's just easier for Dorit and Camille to be civil to each other than to try and force a friendship. Yes, they work together, and yes, they have to get along a little, but why all the drama? When you're fighting at Andy Cohen's baby shower, there's definitely no going back in your relationship.