Cary & Kerry Are In Danger On 'Legion'

Michelle Faye/FX

Cary and Kerry Loudermilk, the mutant team that shares a body at Summerland, makes quite the interesting pair. Bill Irwin's female counterpart does all of the fighting, and only ages when she is outside of his body, which doesn't happen often. After the latest mission, however, they're in trouble. Are Cary and Kerry dead on Legion? One bullet could have taken them both down.

Wednesday's episode delved a little more into this particular character's origin story. When Cary was born, his non-white father assumed that his mother was having an affair, and left them. It wasn't until eight years later that Kerry emerged fully formed. The young woman says that over their life, they've developed a system. He does the "boring" human stuff like sleeping and digesting. She gets to go out in the world. In the middle of the episode, Cary wondered what would happen to Kerry when he died, but whatever theory he may have had got tested at the end of the episode when Kerry was shot, and he felt the bullet all the way back at Summerland.

If Kerry dies, will Cary die too? The episode did not make it entirely clear how much they share when they're in separate bodies. Cary was dancing while Kerry was taking out Division 3 baddies, but they are clearly capable of independent movement as well.

Personally, I hope that Kerry makes it out alive. She's such an interesting character — not quite a full person, not bothered by that fact, and thirsty for action. It's definitely too soon to lose two such interesting characters. I think this will test them as mutants, and force them to work on a better protection plan. One of the fun things about Legion is that it presents us with mutants who are capable and savvy but not quite as polished as the X-Men in Marvel comics. They're still figuring things out. This attack on the Loudermilks will be a turning point, at the very least.