Christen & Jack Stone's Social Media Gives Away Their 'BiP' Ending


Sound the alarm, Bachelor Nation: It looks like a new couple is sprouting up in Paradise. As promos have hinted, Christen Whitney has finally made her way to Mexico, where she quickly catches the eye of Jack Stone. If the footage teased is any indication, they'll quickly fall into a quite serious relationship, but how long, exactly, will that last? Are Christen and Jack Stone still together after Bachelor In Paradise?

First, a quick refresher. Fans may remember Christen as a wedding videographer from Nick Viall's Bachelor season. She only made it to Week 3, but she played a significant part in Nick's capital J Journey. She was the person Liz confided in that Liz had already met and hooked up with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding. Christen encouraged Liz to come clean, prompting Nick to fill in the rest of the women on the situation. Jack Stone, on the other hand (and yes, you have to call him Jack Stone), was on Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season, but was sent home during Week 4 when his relationship with Rachel stalled.

But in Paradise, his chemistry with Christen is present and accounted for. "What Christen and I have is real love, and I 100 percent see myself marrying her one day," Jack says in a promo clip.

From the sounds of it, the couple could very likely make it through Paradise and into the real world. But as longtime viewers well know, things are rarely as they seem in Bachelor Nation. Unfortunately, Christen and Jack aren't offering many clues about their relationship status post-BiP. Both of their Instagrams are completely devoid of photos of one another, which could either mean that they're trying really hard to keep a lid on any spoilers or that they're both nursing some jilted feelings after a sudden breakup. Also concerning: When a fan tweeted that Jack's mom, whom he lost to cancer 14 years ago, would be proud of him for "taking a chance at finding love," he replied, "Love no. Experience yes," which doesn't exactly bode well for him and Christen.

Christen, for her part, hasn't shared anything quite as illuminating, though she did recently tweet "Dogs over boyfriends," so make of that what you will.

At this point, there are too many conflicting details to make a call on whether or not Jack and Christen stay together, so for now, we'll just have to keep on watching. But, it may not be looking up for them — unless this couple is just very good at pretending they're still single.