Rachel & Jack's 'Bachelorette' Date Was Hella Awk


There comes a time in every season of The Bachelorette where contestants who haven't gotten their share of the spotlight quite yet start to emerge from the background, and on Monday night's episode, it was Jack Stone's time to shine — if you could call it that. Rachel selected him for a one-on-one, and after a fun, light hearted day together, it all got real (too real) at dinner. In fact, Jack Stone's date with Rachel on The Bachelorette was awkward from start to finish, and basically all of Bachelor Nation has voiced how much they cringed all the way through it on Twitter.

At first, it seemed like your average date, if not a little boring. But then, Jack realized that he could actually fall in love with Rachel given enough time, but Rachel didn't exactly return his feelings... especially after he told her that he wishes he could whisk her away to Dallas, lock her in his room, and spend all day in bed talking to her.

Let that sink in. Jack actually told Rachel that he wanted to lock her up in Dallas for some conversation. And he thought he was getting the date rose after that? OK, Jack Stone.

It's awful that poor Rachel had to go through that, but the tweets that have come out of this date may have actually been worth it. Exhibit A: This on point comparison of Jack Stone to Ross Gellar, post teeth whitening experiment gone wrong:

And then, of course, how everyone watching was really feeling:

And finally, this reaction... which was taken from Rachel's actual reaction to Jack Stone and the thrilling date he had to offer her.

Of course, chances are good that Jack Stone is a nice, decent guy — it just so happened that he was not the guy for Rachel, and it's good that she decided to send him home on the date instead of stringing him along. He was obviously pretty hurt on his way out, and who could blame him? But maybe, this will be a lesson to him: Women don't typically enjoy being locked up by a man who they just met. In fact, it's safe to say that applies to all people.

Better luck next time, Jack Stone. There's a super intense, white-toothed woman out there somewhere for him.