Are Christian Louboutin's Loubichrome Mini Nail Polishes Limited Edition? You Need To Act Fast

I sometimes have this romanticized and fantastical view of makeup as armor and art. For me, it's fun, builds confidence, and allows me to play with my look. I consider my makeup brushes weapons or magic wands. Then there's Christian Louboutin's Loubichrome Mini Nail Polishes, with their stiletto-like packaging. They look like weapons in the most badass and awesome way. Seriously, the brush mimics the brand's sky-high, signature stilettos, with its long, pointy tip. The icepick-like applicator could do some damage so be careful when handling these beauties! All Louboutin polishes are packaged like this, including the prismatic, light-reflecting Louboutin Loubichrome Nail Colors. Are the Loubichrome Minis limited edition or a permanent addition to the brand's mega glam beauty offerings?

According to a post on the brand's official Instagram, the Loubichrome Minis, dubbed I, II, and III, are limited edition. They won't be here forever. Therefore, if you've been eyeing them for your mani and pedi, you need to act fast.

The Loubichrome Minis are $30 a piece and come in candy red, lime green, and magenta. These lacquers will give your nails a metallic finish. It'll be as though your digits were dipped in liquid metal.

Even the caps have a prismatic effect. While I certainly believe in recycling makeup bottles once you exhaust the product, these babies certainly make a case for themselves as post-use decor.

It's like Louboutin's ultra luxe take on the increasingly popular unicorn beauty trend.

This caption accompanies the post and confirms the limited edish nature of the polishes.

This screenshot from the site also affirms the LE status of the minis.

Anyone else cursing the fact that it's winter and therefore boot time, all the while looking ahead to open-toe shoe season?

Heavy metal!

These shades are a harbinger of spring.

See what I mean about makeup being art and armor? It truly is.

Images: Christian Louboutin/Instagram (3); Courtesy of Christian Louboutin